2nd Saturdays in OTC

September 12, 2020

Time:  10:00 am Р10:00 pm

Hosted by:  Bella Love, Inc. and The Shoppes at Home, Heart and Soul


Artists and vendors and beers, oh my!!
2nd Saturday is OTC’s day to shine, and we’re gearing up to bring you an ever-changing itinerary of awesomeness each month!
Starting in October, we’ll be featuring a monthly rotation of local business specials, sip, shop & strolls, brewery crawls, pop-up concerts, foodie tours, and much more. We’ll keep it low-key until the time is right (go away COVID!) and then bring out the show stoppers. Until then, remember to wear a mask and practice social distancing guidelines at each participating location.
Whatever the future holds, just make sure to mark your calendar for the 2nd Saturday of the month and let’s get ready to celebrate LKN’s cultural arts destination like never before!
Stay tuned for details!!

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