WINES: How to Pair Wine with Food

Food and wine pairing can be intimidating. But it does not have to be! There are two important steps to take to understand the relationship between food and wine.

  1. Identify the primary food and wine tastes.
  2. Understand how these tastes evolve or change when paired together.


The safe wine choice

Rosé wine is the safest wine style to pair with a wide range of food.

But why?







The primary wine tastes are:

  • Acidity
  • Tannins
  • Sweetness

In rosé wine, these tastes are relatively in balance. In comparison, white wine has more acidity and red wine has more tannins.

The color, aroma, and flavor profiles vary wildly in rosé wine. The grape varietal (or blend) used and the duration spent on the skins determine the complexity of the wine profile.

It is a combination of balance of wine tastes and flavor profile in rosé wine that makes it pair well with a variety of food flavors.


Pairing ideas

Rosé can be delicate enough to pair with a salad, fish, chicken, or vegetarian dish. However, depending on the style and grape varietal used, it can have enough structure to shine with dishes that have more flavor and intensity, such as grilled fish, pizza, pork, and even beef.

One of my favorite pairings is rosé wine with a charcuterie and cheese board. Experiencing the pairing combination with a range of flavors on a board is so fun.


When in doubt, Rosé!


Two of my favorites rosé wines:


  • Miss Molly Petit Rosé Méthode Cap Classique (sparkling) – 70% Pinot Noir / 30% Chardonnay, W.O. Franschhoek and W.O. Robertson, Western Cape • South Africa ($16.99) imported through Môreson USA











  • 2020 Arclight Rosé – 50% Nebbiolo / 50% Sangiovese, only 56 cases produced •  Central Coast AVA ($34), Desparada











It is so much fun to explore food and wine.

Happy Tasting!




Photos courtesy of Stephanie Roberts


Stephanie Roberts, WSET® Certified Sommelier, empowers people to drink better wine. Through unique and tailored wine experiences, she demystifies wine and all its complexities and teaches people how to recognize a wine’s journey from a grape in the vineyard to the wine in your glass.  

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