A Landlubbers Place to Catch a Great Bite!   

The Waterman Fish Bar located right in Cornelius

No docks here!   

But you can catch a great bite of some of the tastiest seafood in the area right from your cozy dry seat at The Waterman Fish Bar located right in Cornelius. They offer a variety of seating choices, like a wrap around patio outdoors where you can enjoy the warm weather by day and cooler breeze in the evenings or dine indoors away from the elements. They even have an oyster bar you can sit at if you are an oyster connoisseur. My girlfriend and I chose a cozy booth today since we had a lot of girl talk and girl foodie fun planned! Yep… That means we may order more than we can eat but happy to head home with tomorrow’s catch from today!

Oyster shooter anyone?  

As tasty as it sounded for those who love that sort of thing, I had to pass since I’m not that raw bar girl, but the oyster shooting couple nearby were in all their glory with raised shooters and a down the hatch ritual that seemed lots of fun! But no worries mate, I wasn’t left hanging off the boat, there were so many fun and creative Boat Drinks to keep me cool, it was so hard to choose.  What I did know was I was in the mood for both fried Shrimp and Fried Oysters!! And they had just the meal, right under “Fish Camp” on the menu. I spotted the Fried Shellfish Platter offering both choices. And since I am a grits lover, I kindly asked to have grits instead of fries, but keep the coleslaw! Of course, it was easy to settle on my dinner cocktail now since I felt a nice crisp cold lemon drop martini would be a good pairing since I like a little lemon on my seafood. Even if it’s a lemony sip in between bites!  My friend Roberta kept it safe, no she wasn’t wearing a life jacket, she chose the leaner option of Grilled Blackened Salmon Spinach Strawberry Salad. I vowed to order that on my next visit, especially since it included candied pecans, fresh strawberries and their house made maple vinaigrette…. I mean MAPLE VINAIGRETTE… that must be like bacon jams cousin, right?

Hot Cast Iron Dip Barging in!

And there it was before we had two sips into our great drinks our lively fun server maneuvered that steaming vessel in between the napkins, glasses, and seasoning shakers like a boat between the buoys! In gooey fish, shrimp, and cheesy delight, we were ready to dive in! With a smile and a handful of napkins she placed them on the table and left us Landlubbing Foodie Gals to enjoy!

Delicious Fish Dip Appetizer
Fried Oyster and Shrimp Platter Delicious as well.

Another Fabulous Foodie Friend Adventure logged.

It was a fun night of girl talk between bites of great food and sips of yummy cocktails! A perfect cozy atmosphere that gave us that lake vibe with its fun boat drinks and flavorful seafood. I’d gladly steer my car over here and leave the life jackets at home any day of the week. It’s a great lake day every day at Waterman’s!  

A salad is always refreshing when added to a meal.

The Waterman Fish Bar

9615 Bailey Rd
Cornelius, NC 28031

Photos by Debbie Amyotte

Debbie Amyotte
Debbie Amyotte

Debbie Amyotte is a self-proclaimed “Giant FOODIE”. She loves everything about food from fine dining to hidden gems that only the locals know about. Traveling is a big passion and she has visited about 30% of the United States including Alaska and Hawaii. Grami to two awesome grandkids she visits them as much as she can. Sundays at her house, are meant for two things: church and football!

She is active in the community as a Rotary member, the organizer for Ladies Luv Adventures in Lake Norman, and she hosts a monthly mystery book club called A Good Night for Murder.

Her professional life includes being a travel agent for Travel Bee Adventures, and a local, independent, contracted pet sitter — caring and understanding special pet needs. Contact Debbie by email, debbieamyotte.reviewer@gmail.com.

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