A New Strategic Partnership

LKNConnect® is proud to announce a new strategic partnership with IronHeart Technologies. IronHeart completes a full Technology and Digital Marketing division of LKNConnect®. LKNConnect® can now offer a complete marketing service to local Lake Norman Businesses.



Serving Lake Norman

LKNConnect® will continue to serve the Lake Norman area with its three community websites. Our objective is Bringing Local to Life.


Now, more than ever, people are shopping online

96% of Americans are shopping online and physical mall space is rapidly deteriorating. Now is the time to develop a digital footprint in Lake Norman.


“LKNConnect® brings all the components of a community into one place in order to promote and strengthen the community”
— Dr. Douglas Fitzgerald, Founder/CEO


Advanced professional marketing services

The addition of IronHeart will enable LKNConnect® to extend its marketing services from entry level web design, social media management, branding, and community relationship building, to fully advanced professional marketing and advertising services. All services are competitively priced.

LKNConnect® Marketing and Advertising division is now able to be your partner for all of your marketing, advertising, innovation, and technology needs. Our mission is to help grow businesses that help people improve the community’s quality of life.


Introducing IronHeart Technologies

IronHeart is designed to take the stress and headaches out of the “business of doing business.” Which leaves you the time to do all the things you originally got into business to do — help people.

Let LKNConnect® and IronHeart grow your business 2X, 5X, or more as we deliver marketing strategies that provide a memorable, positive, and impactful experience for your clients. Our staff has the creativity, knowledge, and experience to help you achieve your goals.



To Learn More

To learn more about IronHeart, go to: IronHeartTech.com/technology.  Additionally, be sure to go to: IronHeartTech.com/marketing to learn more about IronHeart’s new program FitTogether, a turnkey business and marketing solution for Community Gym’s and Fitness Centers looking to transition from in-person to remote training.



Personal Trainers and Gym owners!If you haven’t made the transition to online training, NOW is the time to make it happen. Our world has changed. Even when things return to normal, we have no idea of the lasting impacts on our industry. The only thing we DO know is that you can’t afford to expect “business as usual” to return anytime soon.We know that every business is different, so our “FitTogether” system starts with a FREE strategy session where we’ll evaluate your business and build a solution that best fits your needs. We’ll even provide a proven social media advertising strategy diagram for FREE, tailor it to your business, then run simulations to show you how to optimize your path to success.Nobody ever wanted to have to transform their business overnight, but it’s no longer an option NOT to. The good thing is that you’re not in this alone.Book your free strategy session at https://marketing.ironhearttech.com and learn how we can help.

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