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Great food doesn’t have to break the budget.

Read on to discover a helpful tip if cost is keeping you from having a great night out on the town.

Sabi – Simply Beautiful

“Sabi originates from the Japanese expression ‘wabi sabi,’ signifying ‘simply beautiful’ or ‘recognizing beauty in imperfection.’ It embodies a unique form of beauty that matures over time, akin to the rich patina adorning a centuries-old bronze statue.”

What does this have to do with dining out?

My wife and I were invited to Sabi Asian Bistro by our son a month or so ago. We enjoyed the meal and atmosphere so much that we decided to make a return visit. Since publishes articles featuring Affordable Dining Tips, we wanted to see how to make it a great visit on a budget.

When we arrived, we were greeted by a warm hostess. To save time, we went to their website and reserved a table. We recommend this if you are busy or don’t like waiting. Before being seated, we noticed lots of folks who had ordered pick-up.

Once seated, the service was spot on. Our server was friendly and attentive to our needs. My wife and I remember the first time we were at Sabi, we could not finish our entrees. We also noticed that many of the customers were getting “doggy bags.” Below you will see that some folks chose to order To-Go meals.

Because of this, we chose to order an appetizer and split our meal. We chose lettuce wraps and Sabi Hibachi with chicken and shrimp.

The Lettuce Wraps could have made a meal
The kitchen split the entree before bringing it to our table

We are not sushi lovers, but we did notice many folks enjoying the sushi bar as we left. Based on what we observed, the sushi is apparently a hit.

The entrée was $19.00, and the lettuce wraps were $9.00. As you can see from the photos, the meal was more than enough for our dinner. Sabi split the meals before bringing them to our table, which was a nice touch.

For a reasonable meal, for two, at an upscale location, try Sabi Asian Bistro.

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