Are you feeling like thousands of other business owners are feeling — Zoomed Out?

Before we go to bed my husband always asks me how many zoom meetings do you have tomorrow? When I tell him — I feel exhausted!  I am averaging about 3 to 5 a day and that is just Zoom. To say nothing about the phone calls. With our calendars being a sea of pretty colors with very little white space as we schedule Zoom meetings and calls for business and family — we definitely need to take a step back and reconsider whether or not these meetings need to happen and if they do, how can they be more productive, efficient and fun.

So What is Zoom Fatigue?

  • Our brains working harder. We are looking at our computer screens for hours and days on end. Poor lighting and too much blue light. Not sleeping well.
  • You are always ‘on!’ Everything you do. Your appearance, facial expressions and words. And they are being recorded.
  • You are missing in-person management, which energizes and motivates us.
  • You are easily distracted and can be embarrassed by kids, pets and husbands all at home and in your face. Recorded on Zoom!
  • Feeling anxious? Not techno savvy? Don’t want to be?


A few ideas to avoid Burnout

Keep your weekends for your family

We have been doing a Zoom family meeting Sunday at 5:00 with our families. We call them Zoom tails. We grab a glass of wine or a tea and talk. Make sure you make time for the kids and grandkids to have their time with you. When my first grandchild was born, I would buy a book, sit on the wing chair, and read it to him. Of course, the video was on and once it was finished, I would mail both the book and video to him. It was a great way to stay connected and one they never forgot.


If you find a certain day is on Zoom overload

I order dinner in. I have a shake for lunch and make sure I have nothing the next morning. I walk before or after meetings. That helps clear my mind and I always feel refreshed.


Plan at least one Zoom free day a week

Take time for you.


Zoom — Learn how to use it!

Practice does make perfect — most of the time.


A few tips

The picture below gives you an idea as to what the icons mean on Zoom. You need to move your curser to the bottom and they come up.



Having a learning zoom meeting?

Order lunch — have Uber deliver and have a “Lunch and Learn”.  Believe me — everyone will have a different attitude.


Also, 5:00 Zoom Tails works great and a fun way to reconnect with people

There is no reason why a cocktail or happy hour can’t work over Zoom.


This is the new “Norm”

Work, learning and living are changing.  Let’s not fight it but embrace it.  Have some fun in the mean time.  Keep on Zooming!


 One more tip

If while you are on your meeting and you are tired of seeing yourself — take your curser and go to the right top corner of your screen. Click on the 3 dots next to mute. At the bottom where it says Hide Self View — click on it and you cannot see yourself. Others can still see you and when you want to see yourself again — click on it again and you will appear.





Photo courtesy of Deborah Young Studio


For over 45 years, Margi Kyle, “The Color Doctor”, has built an astounding portfolio from the ever-important ‘Designer’s perspective’. Never idle, this Professional Interior Designer has contributed to this industry as an Interior Designer, Television Host, Mentor, Keynote Speaker, Educator, and Writer.  Margi has Taught Interior Design of over 45 years and is the executive director for We Make Color Easy, The Dewey Color System.  As well as one of the  founders of a new E-Mentoring Co-op Company called






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