A hidden gem …

Tucked out of the way in a beautiful Davidson neighborhood, you’ll find a gem of a dog park in The Town Preserve. Plenty of sun and shade, it’s a great place for your dog to play.

It’s a bit hard to find because it’s located within the Davidson Town Preserve. There is no sign for the dog park. There is a nice little parking area and a sign for the park itself. [Featured photo above.]

The Town Preserve park is the open green space (left). The entrance to the dog park is the gravel path (right).

Morning is a great time to visit

In the hot summer heat — morning or evening is a great time to visit. This dog park has lots of shade and plenty of water for the dogs to drink. There was one dog there when we arrived about 10 am on a Sunday and about six including my dog when we left about an hour later.

Dog park hours

7 am to Sundown.

Room to run around

While not as large as some of the parks in the Lake Norman area, it’s a nice size with room for your dog(s) to run and a few items to play in and around. Note: there is a limit of 3 dogs per owner in this park.

Following the rules

Our dog park experience at The Town Preserve was fun because all of the dog owners followed the rules and general etiquette for dog parks.

First and foremost, pick up after your dog!

Leaving dog poop, not only smells, but there is a sign at the park that informs people that poop can spread diseases to humans in a process called zoonotic diseases.

Puppies not allowed

Dogs must be at least 5 months old to enter this park.

Aggressive behavior is not tolerated

While dog play can sometimes seem rough, any aggressive or dangerous behavior towards dogs or humans is not allowed.

Pay attention to your dog

The best part of a dog park is watching your dog play with other dogs. If you are aware of what’s happening instead being distracted by your phone, you’ll have the most enjoyable and safest time in any dog park.

Watch out for symptoms of heat stroke

For yourself and your dog. Our summer weather has been exceptionally hot this year. Bring water for yourself. There is a communal water bowl for the dogs next to a pump for fresh water. If you don’t want your dog to share with other dogs, bring a water bowl.

Set a timer for 20 minutes, then check your dog. Is your dog panting heavily? Does it look tired? In this heat, 20 to 30 minutes is plenty of exercise for most dogs. Your dog may be able to do more especially in the shade or if it is not continually running like my dog.

See the photo below for the full list of rules

The Town Preserve Dog Park Rules

Most of all, have fun!

I had a great time talking with the other dog moms and dog dads. My dog, Sedona, had a great time with the other dogs. The Town Preserve Dog Park is a gem of a park, I hope you give it a try.

Review and photos by Ellen Stafford
Ellen Stafford

Ellen H Stafford is the former managing editor of LKNConnect.com, she loves writing, photography, working in her garden, and of course, going on adventures with her dog Sedona!


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