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Where’s the best place to take your dog on a hot day?

A dog park! And the Officer Sheldon Memorial Dog Park within Mooresville’s Cornelius Road Park is one of the best. There are three sections to this dog park: a large dog area, a small dog area, and a timid dog area.

Entrance to the Officer Jordan H Sheldon Memorial Dog Park within Cornelius Road Park

On a hot day, it’s best to “time” your visit

We have melted through some VERY HOT weather lately. It’s important for both people and dogs, to not exercise too long without water and/or a break in the shade. I typically set the timer on my phone for 20 minutes and see how my dog Sedona is reacting to the heat and her exercise. My dog LOVES to run with the big dogs. We definitely choose the large dog area and in this park, this area is much bigger than in other dog parks I’ve visited. It leaves ample room for the dogs to run together.

There is plenty of water and the dogs seem to share quite well. The thing to note about this park is that the entrance is on the top of a hill that seems small when you go down it, and MUCH bigger on the way back up to the gate to leave! Sedona played with the dogs for a little over 30 minutes which was more than enough for so hot a day. (When we got home, she took a LONG nap!)

The park is equipped with a K-9 obstacle course

It was fun watching the dogs choose to run up the blocks and ramps. Most of the dogs simply run around, but Sedona followed one of her “buddies” up two levels of blocks.

The Randy Marion PAWvillion is a great place to sit in the shade

Although the area has trees, I was surprised how warm we got walking and running about in the sunshine. All of the dogs in the park were friendly and we had a great time. We will definitely go again.

Review and photos by Ellen Stafford
Ellen Stafford

Ellen H Stafford is the former managing editor of, she loves writing, photography, working in her garden, and of course, going on adventures with her dog Sedona!


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