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Isn’t there a parenting manual?

You may have heard it said that children should come with a manual. The idea is often laughed at and shrugged off. Is it really that far-fetched? No! A child is not an electronic device with buttons and switches! They will not always respond when we push “power off” or “volume down.”


Parenting tools do exist

There are tools that can help create a peaceful environment for the family, eliminating the risk of abusive situations. There is even one sentence that can end a confrontation. Pharos Parenting (formerly SCAN of Iredell) provides these key tools to parents and caregivers throughout Iredell County. Our mission is to build positive parenting skills. This is done through targeted education, in-home coaching, and supportive intervention programs. Every child can experience a safe and stable home environment. They are offered the opportunity for a bright future.




Child abuse has many causes

April is National Child Abuse Prevention month. Abuse and neglect occur in families from all walks of life, incomes, religions, and ethnicities. There is no single cause of child maltreatment. Many forces work together to impact the family. This may be due to, but is not limited to, trauma, mental health, and unrealistic expectations for child development.


Education and support for parents

Pharos Parenting is located at 1602 Davie Avenue in Statesville. We are an Exchange Club Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse. The center has been teaching parents how to build stronger families for more than thirty years. We offer several different programs designed to educate and address risk factors. Our programs increase protective factors and support parents as they learn to implement the tools we teach.



Parent Aide: A customized, long-term program

Exchange Parent Aide, Pharos’ flagship program, is an evidenced-based, in-home training program. This program is offered at no cost to families. This long-term plan focuses on building stability. Basic needs are addressed, which increases protective factors and improves parenting skills and perspectives. Parent Aides visit weekly to work on skills and strategies while providing support and mentoring. This program is customized to each family’s needs as everyone’s goals are different.





Parenting classes for every need

Pharos presents weekly Parenting Classes for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge and skills. With different curriculum and workshops, parents/caregivers can find a class that fits their needs.


Visitation programs

Pharos Parenting also offers supervised visitation programs for families dealing with domestic violence. These monitored visits, safe for all parties, give the child positive experiences with their non-custodial parents. Coaching to Permanence, another visitation program, works with families within the foster care system. This program provides a therapeutic approach. The goal is to strengthen the bond between the parent and child in an effort to reduce the time a child is away.




The goal: A happy, stable home

It is true — there is no manual for raising children! No two children are alike, and every parenting experience is different. Pharos Parenting offers support and tools for each unique family. We work to meet specific needs and create a customized program to create a happy, safe, and stable home.

To find out more, visit our website at or call 704-878-2227.



Photos courtesy of Tonya Fowler


Tonya Fowler is the Executive Director of Pharos Parenting, which helps parents find their way by helping them learn effective parenting skills, develop confidence in those skills, and create stronger families. She holds a B.A. in English with a concentration in Professional and Creative Writing. She has been a part of the non-profit world for 13 years, serving as the founder and director of New Perth Preschool, marketing and event planner for Downtown Statesville Development Corporation, Theatre Statesville Board, Center Stage Alliance Board, and fundraising/volunteering for the school that her three children attend. 



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