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To Beard or Not to Beard!

Everyone has always asked me, ‘Why did you grow your beard, isn’t it a lot of work?’ Well, for starters, I’m fairly new to this whole thing. It’s only been about 3 years or so. I was always more of a goatee guy. What I tell most folks that ask is, ‘Well, it started right before COVID.’

There’s no really good reason to have or not have a beard. It certainly is a personal choice. I will say that I have seen many more beards out there over the past few years. I think it’s fair to say it’s back in vogue. I chose to keep mine after being stuck at home for 18 months and it really became a thing. Everyone recognizes me now with the beard. It really has become my logo.

Almost every day, I get asked a question or someone comments on it. Most of these are men but the occasional woman asks them too. ‘Does your wife/girlfriend like it?’ What I am realizing is that, for most men, the desire is there but not always the support. True, many guys cannot grow a full beard, but we will get to that in a minute.

I believe that if most men had support from their significant other, they would at least give it a try.

Let It Grow!

On my TikTok page, yes, I have one of those now, I talked about LETTING IT GROW. You just must give it a month or so and see how it comes in. Less dense or patchy beards can actually be groomed to look pretty good. Most of that really is about care and maintenance. Now that I have started my own Beard Oil and Balm company with my girlfriend, it’s more about how to keep it nice as opposed to how good it is coming in. A mustache counts, so does the other favorite, the goatee, don’t be afraid. Keeping your skin and beard hair well maintained is the key to success. Making sure you are using natural and organic oils will benefit even more than just your beard,

Some of us don’t always take the best care of ourselves when it comes to grooming on a daily basis. My goal is to help us all do better in taking care of ourselves holistically.

Colin before he became serious about growing a full beard!

Today on his Tiktok Page!

Is it for me?

Men have been trying different facial hair styles since the beginning of time. Some very famous men have worn memorable facial hair. Many Presidents (Lincoln), men of industry (George Vanderbilt), sports figures (Rollie Fingers), Jesus and on and on the list goes. In today’s society, I believe well-kept beards are generally more accepted than they may have been years ago. The key, however, is to keep it nice! Daily grooming is critical to it looking and feeling good. A soft, well-maintained beard will make you look sharp, professional and well put together.

So come on my brothers, it’s that time of year, let’s give it the old college try! Maybe we’ll even feature your awesome beard in a future story!

Lots of different products to try and keep your beard well maintained.

What’s next?

Over the coming weeks and months, we will talk about beard maintenance in more detail. We’re also going to talk about GUY STUFF like fashion, exercise, cigars, men’s health, and my personal favorite, creating and growing your Brotherhood, Guys generally don’t have the same outlets as women to lean on each other when needed. We are going to explore that in depth as well.

See Colin’s interview with Neighborhood TV about the Lake Norman Lighted Christmas Boat Parade

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The 5th Annual Lake Norman Lighted Christmas Boat Parade
The 5th Annual Lake Norman Lighted Christmas Boat Parade

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Colin Furcht- BRO Beard Products CEO

Colin has been a long time Lake Norman resident and has been very active in the community. From Commissioner to founding the Lake Norman Lighted Christmas Boat Parade to now a featured Author and small business owner! His desire is to bring men together and encourage them to reach out. He has always said, ‘look out for yourselves and each other.’ All men need a Brotherhood

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