Embrace your curly hair

Felishia Edwards is a hairstylist at Modern Salon and Spa Birkdale. She is sassy, she is fun, and she has the most gorgeous mane of red curls that perfectly match her personality. Edwards is an expert on all things curly hair. In this article she shares her advice on how to properly care for curly hair so you can embrace your natural hair texture.

Curly hair care

Curly hair has different needs than other hair textures. In general all curly hair is dry and seeks moisture — at least on the ends. It’s important to give curly hair the hydration it requires. Edwards believes that using a hydrating shampoo and conditioner is essential. But how you handle your hair in the shower and while drying is also key to preventing breakage and fighting frizz.

Properly handling curly hair in the shower

How to use conditioner and hair masks for the best benefits

While in the shower, hair acts like a sponge, soaking up as much water as it can. Squeeze out water or towel blot hair after shampooing and before applying conditioner. This will allow your hair to absorb more of the conditioner and reap more of the benefits. This is also true when using a hair mask. If there is a barrier of water between the hair and the mask, the hair will not absorb as much of the product.

When to detangle your hair and how to rinse curls

The best time to detangle your hair is while the conditioner or hair mask is on the hair. Detangle with a wide-tooth comb or your fingers. Once you are ready to rinse the conditioner out, Edwards suggests flipping your head over and scrunching the hair to rinse the conditioner out. Avoid pulling the curls down or raking your fingers through the curls; work with your curls and your curl pattern. If you can stand it, rinse your hair in cool water to add shine and reduce frizz. For best results, do not comb through your curls after getting out of the shower. The more you touch curly hair, the frizzier it will get.

How to find the right hair mask

Edwards recommends incorporating a deep conditioning mask into your routine at least twice a month. One of her favorite masks is Evo‘s The Great Hydrator. Edwards suggests leaving the mask on for 30 minutes while you watch TV, shave, do your skincare routine, etc. When it comes to finding the right mask, look for a mask that adds moisture and hydration rather than a protein mask. Although protein masks are important, they aren’t recommended to be used all the time.

How to towel dry your curls (Hint: don’t)

Towel drying can be rough on hair, and it creates frizz. Instead of using a towel to remove excess water, Edwards recommends using an old t-shirt and gently scrunching the hair with it. Leave some water in the hair and avoid trying to dry it completely.


Check out Part 2 here. In it, you’ll find Edwards’s product recommendations and tips for styling curly hair. If you are interested in booking an appointment with Felishia Edwards, call Modern Salon and Spa Birkdale at 704-339-0909.



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