In this article, Felishia Edwards, hairstylist and curly hair expert shares her product recommendations and tips for styling curls.


Applying products

When handling curly hair, everything that you do should enhance the curl, starting with applying product while your hair is wet. Edwards recommends applying products by rubbing them between your hands and fingers and then scrunching them into the hair. Unless you are trying to minimize your curls, avoid raking through them. For really thick hair, Edwards suggests sectioning the hair into three layers and applying product to each layer.


Choosing the right products to suit your style

These are Edwards’s go to products that she recommends to her clients and uses herself:

  • To achieve control & hold, OPC Curl Booster and Silk Potion Cream provide more of a traditional gel-like hold without the crunch.


  • Want more curl definition and hold with no crunch? Try Evo’s Total Recoil and Liquid Rollers.


  • If minimal hold is more your style or if you have fine curls, Edwards suggests OPC’s Silk Potion Cream.



woman drying curly hair with a diffuser


Drying and styling techniques


When it comes to drying, it’s best to skip the towel and use a t-shirt or let hair air dry. To add more style to your curls here are a few of Edwards’s hacks:

  • Butterfly clamps are great for preventing curls from being weighed down. Use the clamp to grasp the hair from the bottom and clip it to the top of your head to secure the hair into place and let air dry.


  • Diffusers are meant to enhance the curl. The less you move the diffuser around, the better. Always dry the roots first, if you dry the ends first you risk looking like a mushroom.


  • YS Park clips can be used to twist the curls back and push them up so that they dry off of the scalp and don’t lay flat.


  • Wrap hair around your fingers and twist out each section of curls. Everything in front of the ear twists back away from the face. Alternate directions for each section behind the ear. This method is great for finer hair.


  • Flip your hair in the opposite direction around the part and let it dry to give your root volume and prevent it from drying flat to your head. Once the hair is dry just flip it back to normal.


  • T-shirts can be used to wrap the hair and enhance the curl. There are many techniques on Pinterest for wrapping hair with a t-shirt.


Refreshing Your Curls

If it’s been a couple days since you’ve washed your hair and you want to reset your curls without shampooing, Edwards suggests rewetting the hair with a spray bottle or wetting your hands and scrunching the water into the hair. Once the hair is wet, recondition, rinse, and style as usual. When Edwards feels like her hair needs a refresh, she scrunches OPC Hydrating Potion or Beauty Oil into her hair.


Check out Part 1 of the Curly Hair Guide here. If you are interested in booking an appointment with Felishia Edwards or purchasing any of the products mentioned, call Modern Salon and Spa Birkdale at 704-339-0909.



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