Eager to be Blonde?

Before working in a salon surrounded by experts like Val Vala, Senior Director and Educator at Modern Salon and Spa, I was a young woman eager to be blonde and going about it in all the wrong ways. I insisted that it could be done in one sitting and completely fried my hair. Even worse, I tried doing it myself using box color (yikes!).

Save yourself the headache

Learn from my mistakes and save yourself the headache of orange hair, expensive color corrections, and months of trying to revive damaged hair. Trust me, trying to rush the process isn’t worth it. Blonde expert, Vala, shares her expertise on how to properly go blonde while maintaining healthy hair.

Beautiful blonde hair by Val Vala – Modern Salon Birkdale.

How to Go Blonde, The Right Way

The process of going blonde depends on: your desired shade of blonde, your current color, and whether your hair is dyed or natural. One of the first things Vala takes into consideration when consulting with a client is their hair’s integrity and what it can handle.

Get your transition to blonde off to a great start with a full head of highlights.

It takes more than one appointment

Even if you have the healthiest hair, going blonde will take more than one appointment. Vala recommends starting with a full head of highlights and firmly believes that a gradual transition is the best option.

Celebrities Can Do It. Why Can’t I?

How do celebrities seem to magically go from nearly black to white blonde with the snap of their fingers? Vala informed me that no one’s hair can handle a drastic change like that overnight and that celebrities often wear seamless wigs that adhere to their skin and appear incredibly realistic.

Preparing your hair. Things to do before your appointment:

Remove product build up

Use a clarifying shampoo to remove product build-up that could interfere with how your color processes.

Get a haircut

Getting a haircut removes dead ends and ensures that your hair is healthy enough to handle the lightening process.

Get a consult — tell the truth about your hair color history

Consult with your hairstylist about your desired color and inform them if your hair has been dyed previously. Processed hair lifts differently and is more fragile than natural hair. 

Blonde hair by Val Vala – Modern Salon Birkdale.

Caring for your hair while transitioning to blonde:

Switch your hair products for best results

Switch to hair products that add protein or hydration. If hair is dry, Vala recommends the OPC Beauty line to hydrate hair. If hair is damaged, Vala recommends the OPC Inca line to strengthen hair. 

Use the proper products to protect your hair while processing

Ask your stylist to add OPC X-Defender to your color for added protein and protection while hair is processing.

Purple shampoo keeps your blonde hair bright

Use a purple shampoo like Evo Fabuloso Platinum Toning Shampoo once a week to keep your blonde pieces bright.

Keep to a schedule to achieve great results

To continue the lightening process and achieve your desired color, Vala suggests making highlight appointments every 4 to 5 weeks and a haircut every 8 weeks.

Gorgeous hair requires maintenance, but it’s worth it.

To ensure your hair stays healthy and looks its best

Use a deep conditioning mask once a week. After rinsing out your shampoo, towel dry hair and detangle it using a wide tooth comb. Apply hair mask from ends to mids and work your way to the top, clip hair in a bun, let sit for 15-30 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly.

Pro Tip

Microwave a wet hand towel for about 45 seconds, and apply it to hair while the mask is on. This will open up your hair cuticle, so it better absorbs the mask just like steam does for your skin during a facial.

For more information

If you are ready to go blonde, you can book an appointment with Vala, by calling or texting Modern Salon and Spa Birkdale at 704.339.0909.

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Morgan Pink

Morgan Pink is a Team Leader and Marketing Associate at Modern Salon and Spa. She loves working in the beauty industry because promoting self-care and empowering women to feel their best are two of her passions. Morgan is a Huntersville resident, avid reader, animal lover, and coffee and wine enthusiast. 

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