Every year, as we escape the constant cold days of winter, the warmth of spring urges me to lighten my hair. However, I’m always tentative about the right way to get my hair to match the season. I want my hair to be healthy and compliment my features. This caution led me to interview Lauren Boger, a hairstylist and highlight expert. Lauren explains the differences between highlighting techniques and shares tips for keeping your blonde healthy and vibrant.


Different highlighting techniques

Over the last few years, balayage has become a very popular style of highlighting. What is the difference between balayage and traditional highlights? How do you know which is best for you? Boger explained that traditional highlights use a foiling technique; strands of hair are lightened from root to ends in a specific sectioning pattern, leaving some natural hair color in between each foil. Balayage, on the other hand, is a much more visual technique. Hand painting is used to give you a multi-dimensional low maintenance color. Balayage allows your stylist to personalize your color placement. Think contouring for your hair. Lighter pieces are placed strategically to best compliment your haircut, facial features, and skin tones.




In-salon maintenance, results, and a combo technique (foliage)

One of the most important differences comes down to desired result and level of maintenance. While traditional highlights give an overall lighter look. Balayage results in a more natural-looking and slightly darker root melted into lighter ends. This look is very popular at the moment. Root growth is less obvious with balayage, resulting in only needing a touch-up every 3-6 months. Highlights need to be maintained more often, typically every 4-6 weeks. Boger’s personal favorite technique is to combine these two methods into a foliage technique. She loves the even lift and consistency of foils, while hand painting extra ribbons of dimension to give her clients a personalized color that will help them look their best.




At-home maintenance and keys to healthy hair

Boger said that while maintaining highlights and keeping hair healthy starts in the salon, home care is just as important. She keeps her clients’ hair healthy through meticulous highlight application to prevent overlap blonding and breakage. Boger also uses Organethic Pure Care X Defender into her color formulations to strengthen the hair and keep it from being over-processed. At home she recommends a good sulfate-free professional line of hair care products, including a purple shampoo. She recommends Evo and OPC platinum shampoos to keep blondes bright and hydrated, while keeping hair strong and silky. Boger believes that each head of hair requires a special cocktail of products. She loves guiding people to their perfect at-home hair care routine after color services.


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