The New Look

Tired of fighting your grays? Want to go silver? There’s a new set of rules to follow.

Gray is gorgeous

But it is important to realize that gray hair tends to be dry, coarse, and is easily affected by the environment. Keeping this in mind, will help you determine the best ways to care for and embrace your new color.

Maintaining all over gray color

The transition from color to gray

If you have yet to begin the transition, consult with a stylist so they can help you figure out the most practical and complimenting way for you to go gray.

Highlights help

For those who have already taken the plunge, routine highlights are a great way to continue the progression to all over gray while minimizing any awkward stages.

Hairstylist Leleia at Modern Salon and Spa recommends doing a blend of babylights mixed in with chunkier pieces around the face to provide complimenting face framing highlights and give hair more dimension.

Add a little touch of style to your gray

Once you have grown out your gray, Leleia suggests trying silver highlights for an additional pop of color. 

Whether you are transitioning or maintaining your best look

Toners or glosses will be your best friend during the transitional phase of going gray and will help you maintain your ideal color once you have achieved it. Toners help blend the highlights with the gray strands, providing a more natural look. Glosses are clear toners that give hair shine and are great for bringing dull color back to life. 

Switching Up Your Hair Products:

Keeping your hair healthy and moisturized

Gray hair requires a lot of moisture and thus needs different styling products, shampoo, and conditioner than you may have used in the past. Switching to a hydrating shampoo and conditioner will give your hair the additional hydration it needs. Applying a hydrating mask once a week will also help keep hair healthy and moisturized. 

Changing your routine

Another way to keep gray hair hydrated is by reducing how often you wash your hair to once or twice a week. Gray hair does not absorb hair’s natural oils very well; this can leave roots appearing greasy even if the ends seem dry. A dry shampoo, like Evo’s Water Killer Dry Shampoo, will absorb the excess oil and extend the time you can go between washes.

Yellow hair?

Use a “purple” shampoo

If you have noticed your gray appearing yellow, incorporating a quality purple shampoo into your weekly routine, such as OPC’s Platinum Silk Shampoo, will help alleviate unwanted yellow tones caused by the environment.

Preventing a yellow hue

To prevent your gorgeous grays from developing this yellow hue, apply a hair sunscreen to damp hair before styling. I recommend trying OPC’s Suncare Spray.  

For more information

If you would like to book an appointment at Modern Salon and Spa Birkdale or purchase any of the products mentioned call or text 704.339.0909.

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Morgan Pink

Morgan Pink is a Team Leader and Marketing Associate at Modern Salon and Spa. She loves working in the beauty industry because promoting self-care and empowering women to feel their best are two of her passions. Morgan is a Huntersville resident, avid reader, animal lover, and coffee and wine enthusiast. 

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