Wedding and prom beauty trends and tips

Prom and wedding season is in full swing! That means Modern Salon and Spa is seeing appointments for prom and wedding hair every weekend. One of the biggest trends I have noticed for both prom and wedding hair is a curled, half-up style with braids or twists. Add an accessory or florals, and you’ve got one of the most popular formal hairstyles for Spring 2021.


Tami Beall, hair stylist at Modern Salon and Spa Birkdale, gave me some tips to share when booking your hair appointment for your prom or wedding.


  1. Make sure you bring inspiration pictures to your appointment so your stylist can visualize what look you are going for.
  2. Set up a consultation or practice appointment before your Big Day. That way you and your stylist can try out the style you want and make any tweaks necessary. Your stylist wants you to love your hair, and the last thing you want on your Big Day is to worry that your hair isn’t the way you wanted it. Schedule an appointment ahead of time for the practice run. If possible, bring any accessories or hair extensions that you plan to use so your stylist can practice working them into the hairstyle.
  3. Pro Tip: If you color your hair or have highlights, bring your wedding hair inspiration pictures or pictures you took at your consultation appointment to your colorist. This way your colorist can strategically place your highlights or lowlights to best compliment your wedding or prom hair.
  4. For wedding and prom makeup: Just like you would for your hair appointment, schedule a consultation or practice appointment and make sure to bring inspiration pictures.



Watch hair and makeup techniques

I myself am in the midst of wedding planning. In this video, I take you along with me as I try out this gorgeous half updo done by Tami Beall, hair stylist at Modern Salon and Spa Birkdale.





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