Indulgent Father’s Day gift ideas

Looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift? Spa gift cards and products are often a go-to for Mother’s Day, but dads deserve pampering, too. Nowadays, more men are investing in their skin, indulging in spa services, and treating themselves to quality haircuts and products.


High-quality men’s cuts and products make a difference

Teigan Foley has been doing hair for 14 years. Her expertise and attention to detail allow her to tailor each haircut to best compliment her clients’ bone structure and hair texture, giving them a cut that will continue to look great as it grows out. Now that we are beginning to travel again, Foley is seeing more of her guests stop in for a quick complimentary neck trim before business meetings and trips to keep them looking tidy without needing a full haircut.


Hair products just for men

Whether your dad prefers a “no muss, no fuss” style or blow-dries his hair, Foley teaches her clients how to style their hair using products that best suit their lifestyle. Her favorite part about the products she uses is that they are water-soluble, meaning these products wash out easily, won’t cause product build up, and if dad accidentally uses too much, he can use a wet towel to remove the excess.


Products for low- and high-maintenance guys

For low maintenance dads, she recommends OPC Toy Paste for a lightweight option that will make the hair appear styled but not over-done. OPC Strong Matte Paste is great for men who like to steal their wives’ hairspray. This paste provides a lot of definition while still being workable. With summer around the corner, both BBA and Evo Normal Persons conditioners are great for dads who spend a lot of time outside or doing physical activity.They contain peppermint, which is soothing and cooling after a hot day outside golfing, mowing the lawn, or playing with the grandkids.


Pamper dad with a relaxing, personalized facial

Aesthetician Kristen Holder offers a customizable men’s facial that caters specifically to men’s skincare needs. Each facial includes a relaxing shoulder, neck, hand, and arm massage.

Holder begins these facials with a moisturizing cleanser and a magnifying lamp to analyze the skin and to identify any skin challenges. This is followed up by a facial steam to open the pores and a purifying facial scrub to exfoliate the skin. Holder will then perform extractions to deep clean the skin and apply a facial mask that is tailored to the individual’s skin. Her mask options are:

  • hydrating
  • purifying
  • oxygenating
  • brightening

If your dad sports a beard, Holder applies either a soothing beard serum to hydrate and nourish the beard hair or a refreshing beard serum that is great for anyone who experiences breakouts after shaving. The last step of this relaxing facial includes a lightweight hydrating face cream.



Ready to purchase that perfect Father’s Day gift? If you would like to purchase a gift card or any of the products mentioned, or if you would like to book an appointment with Teigan or Kristen you can call Modern Salon and Spa Birkdale at 704-339-0909 or email


Images courtesy of Modern Salon and Spa and Pixabay


Morgan Pink is a Team Leader and Marketing Associate at Modern Salon and Spa. She loves working in the beauty industry because promoting self-care and empowering women to feel their best are two of her passions. Morgan is a Huntersville resident, avid reader, animal lover, and coffee and wine enthusiast. 




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