Being a Marine Means – Being a Good Citizen in Your Community!

In Honor of Veterans Day, November11, I had the honor of interviewing Marine Commandant Niall Mulkeen on WSIC, 105.9 FM Radio.

Being the managing editor of, as well as having a radio show, allows me to help LKNConnect support local small business. We are committed to supporting all Lake Norman individuals, and businesses that are making a difference in the community. We are proud to introduce Niall Mulkeen and the work he is doing with Toys for Tots, as well as other volunteer activities.

Niall Mulkeen

Niall is the commandant of Marine Corps League Detachment 1242. Again, this year, Niall is taking the lead for the local Toys for Tots’ program. This is his eighth year here in North Mecklenburg, but his first involvement goes back to 1975.

Toys for Tots started in 1947 in Los Angeles, California. collecting, refurbishing, and delivering over 500 new and used toys to children in need. Over the past 76 years, they have delivered over 25 million toys, books, and games to 10 million children living in the USA, Hawaii, and Portugal. Their logo was designed by the one and only Walt Disney.

You will be seeing This logo on many Boxes this year. Be sure to donate.

Once a Marine- Always a Marine is their motto. They never stop giving.

Here are some of the other ways the Marine Corps League gives:

  1. In the spring, they have a backpack program filling backpacks with socks, underwear, personal hygiene products and other personal items. Target has been very generous with some of these donations.
  2. They honor Eagle Scouts and give them special recognition and awards.
  3. They collect and donate medical equipment such as wheelchairs and walkers for veterans.
  4. Individually, Niall is very active with Angels and Sparrows in Huntersville, NC. (Angels and Sparrows is much more than a soup kitchen.)

You will be happy to know that 98% of all donations received by the Marine Corps League goes directly to helping kids. Only 2% goes to pay for the boxes and other administrative expenses. At the Marine Corps League, there are no salary jobs – they are all volunteers.

Niall Mulkeen
Niall Mulkeen

Children need our help, not just one year- but every year. Find one of the local Toys for Tots boxes and donate.

Niall Mulkeen was also an active board member of Little Smiles, NC.

Because our missions are so close, he has been great in helping some of our local children in need. We work together for the betterment of children.

In 2018, Niall helped little Smiles obtain a donation from Rotary, to receive a check for $10,000.00.
Niall on the left, me in the middle and Dan Mills on them right.

If you would like to help – Niall can be reached at 704-576-0343.

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