Taming the SEO Monster—Forms of Searches

Taming the SEO monster requires a basic knowledge of the types of searches that take place so you can optimize your content for it. The more diversely you’re shown in these search types, the better your rankings. You’ll post multiple places and increase your opportunity for more leads. The more times you touch someone with your brand and the faster you do it increases the potential to lead to a sale. Here are the various types of searches.



This is an example of a keyword search and its results.


Search Term/Keyword

This is when someone searches for a specific term. Google puts top rankings on sites that have those keywords listed the most in the content on your website. People search through single words, phrases, and even questions. That last one is an SEO hack since most people look for solutions by typing in a question or the error they’re experiencing.

One of my printers had an error code on it and I had no idea what it was. So I went to Google, typed in the error code and printer model, and checked what came up. In the results were videos on YouTube on fixing the issue as well as websites that discuss the issue and what part was needed to fix it. When the videos came from the same site as the company that sold the part, I ordered from them because I trust them more than others that sold the same part. When other issues have arisen with different models I’ve had, my techs tell me to go to that company for parts. Thus, they’ve become my go-to place when I need parts.



This is an example of a search that brought up video content.


Video Solutions

YouTube is a powerhouse when it comes to video content. No wonder Google bought it soon after release for a whopping $1.65 billion. Google then incorporated videos into search rankings, and the world is a better place for it. Thus, when someone wants to build something — say, a table — they can search directly in YouTube or through Google to see which videos are top viewed. Every business needs to be doing video content. EVERY BUSINESS NEEDS TO BE DOING VIDEO CONTENT. It helps in more ways than you think, and with current technology is cheaper to do.



This is an example of an image search and its results.


Image Searches

People may be looking for a particular product, know what it looks like, and use image searches to find the website that has that product. I use image searches all the time both professionally and personally. As a business, having images of your products on your site will help give you top rankings.

I know Cherished Keepsakes’ families need to see what our buttons look like; they base their buying decisions on appearance. Since I knew my images were some of the best designed out there (not saying boastfully), I put large, beautiful samples on my site. And a lot of them. As a result, my buttons, such as funeral buttons and memorial pins, are some of top results in image searches. That was all organic and free.



This is an example of a location search and its results.


Location Searches

Any time someone adds “near me” to a search term, Google will always post local results. Google naturally posts solutions closest to the searchers’ location. Most people search this way through mobile phones; making sure your site is mobile-phone friendly is key. The easiest way to do that is to have a responsive website. It will detect which device is viewing the site and automatically reformat the site so it’s user friendly. Another way to get top listed locally is through Google Business. You need a Gmail account for this, but both are free.


Emerging Technology Searches

Smart technology devices such as Amazon Alexa, Google Nest, and smart appliances are going to be a new form of searches. Someone will say, “Hey Alexa, who’s the best plumber in in town?” or “Where can I find a good plumber?” Alexa will provide the answer and then follow up with, “Would you like their address?” or “Would you like me to call them?” Since it’s an emerging tech, being the first there is going to give you high rankings. You should look into which smart tech is most applicable for your field.

With Cherished Keepsakes I can envision a family gathered together, wondering how they’re going to create their funeral programs since many funeral homes don’t provide them in-house. Someone will ask, “Hey Google, where can I get funeral programs?” I want to be an answer Google gives.


Next time I’ll talk about how to incorporate SEO into your website. Until next time, I wish you success transforming your business into an amazing brand.


Images courtesy of George Paul III.


George Paul III


George Paul III is a branding expert and award-winning designer. He’s the Founder of Seize the Brand, an education platform designed to empower business owners by leveraging the power of branding to realize business and life goals.




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