Lessons learned about previous color choices

Some time ago, a business consultant advised me that using dusky pink and mossy green would draw attention to my logo and brand giving it a “European” flare. I went along with it, even though I couldn’t identify with either of those colors. The new look didn’t feel like me, and if I’m honest, I doubted it looked very European. As a result, I didn’t promote the new look and it didn’t generate the business I wanted. It was a waste of time and money.


Dusky pink and mossy green—NOT my favorite colors. A poor choice to represent my brand.


Color reinforces a brand’s personality

A brand’s choice of color is a fundamental element that reinforces both its personality and the qualities of its products. Color is where first impressions are made and it gives an identity to our brand. We may not realize it, but we subconsciously react to color. Colors convey emotions, feelings and even experiences.


Making a difference

Choosing the right colors for your brand will  be the difference between your business standing out from the crowd, or disappearing into it. Use color strategically for your marketing efforts. You can get your audience to see what you want them to see and help them perceive you the way you want to be perceived. Review the brands represented in the Color Emotion Guide. Do you agree with their choices?


Each color represents a different image and feeling. Look at the brands represented by these colors.


How do you find your colors?

If you can, go to a color expert and they will work with you to create your colors and brand. Whether you are just starting out or reimagining an existing business, the best way to get a feel for what works for you is to create a vision board. Start to assemble images that speak to you, colors that grab your attention. Add in words that describe your brand to create a bigger picture of your brand. Look at your board. Do you see any patterns emerging?


My vision board. Yours may be entirely different.

Inspiration and action

As the above image shows, I went back to my love for teals. These colors remind me of the ocean. They feel calming and reassuring. I find myself pulled to these colors wherever I go. I am now happily moving forward with my brand, using colors that inspire me, knowing that these colors speak to me and speak for me.

Make the time for your own color exploration and see what pattern emerges for you!


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