“Creating a personal brand is all about attracting your ideal client to you and setting yourself apart from the competition.” – Jo Ames


Branding yourself

Your personal brand is what makes you and your business unique. It’s what makes you a relatable, authentic, go-to professional instead of just blending in with everyone else in your field. Putting together your personal brand involves a lot of different parts. You must consider the look of your website, your logo, and even the words you use to tell your story.


Brand photography

The photographs and visuals you use are a massive part of what can make your brand and business stand out. They can make or break your entire brand presence.  So once you have chosen and commissioned your Brand Photographer, here are a few things to consider before getting in front of the camera…


Look your best  

Put your best face forward for your personal brand photoshoot by hiring a professional hair/makeup artist,  Makeup never looks as vibrant behind the camera as it does in real life — a professional will know exactly how much makeup to put on to make you really shine. Plus, a pro will be able to make your vision come to life better than you can, whether you want a look that will make you look fun, young, sophisticated, or somewhere in between!  Or if you really don’t want to have a professional hair/makeup artist, make sure you book out enough time to spend on your own hair and makeup and have everything ready and laid out. There is nothing worse than feeling stressed before your photo shoot.




Choose your wardrobe carefully  

Wear outfits that make you feel confident and that show your audience who you are. Most photographers allow for an outfit change or two as part of their personal brand photography package, which is a great way to try out a few looks if you can’t decide! Choose carefully, colors that compliment or tone with your brand colors, and looks that exactly depict the themes and stories you want, and the values of your business and brand.  For instance, if you want to look friendly and approachable, don’t choose an outfit that is too formal or office like.


Use props

Try using a few props to better tell the story of who you are and what you do. If you’re a blogger, get a shot of you writing at your desk. If you’re a florist, ask your photographer to snap a few shots of you arranging some blooms. If you are a photographer , get some shots of you in a shoot. Don’t be afraid to get a little creative with it!




Use stock shots

In addition to using props in the shots with you, make a list of the ‘stock’ shots that you would like. It helps if you have created a strategy for your marketing, both online and off line, and you know the sort of posts/content/communications you will be creating. For example…making lemonade out of lemons…a shot of lemons, a glass of lemonade. Think of stock shots that you would like to have in your bank of images that you can use and reuse, again and again. This helps you get the most of out of your shoot and your images.



Flood your system with positivity   

On the morning of your shoot, do some meditation, or listen to inspirational music. Listen to a few motivational podcasts or you tube videos. Get in the mood. Yes, you may be a bit nervous, but work on yourself and flood yourself with positivity. It will show in your energy and in the images that are created.





Be authentic

Remember: your personal brand should be an accurate reflection of you. As long as you’re sharing your authentic self with the world, your intended audience will eat it up. Your personal brand photoshoot shouldn’t be about trying to be something you’re not — it’s about making sure you present the absolute best and most confident version of yourself to the world. So embrace those qualities that make you uniquely you!



Photos courtesy of Jo Ames

Jo Ames

I’m Jo, an international photographer, working in Europe and the USA, with over 12 years of experience. I have always been passionate about photography, since the age of 5 when I picked up a camera to capture an amazing sunset. I moved to Cornelius 6 years ago and I’m loving life here. I love to empower my clients by freeing up their time and creating more confidence in themselves through the creation of on-brand, tailored images that truly represent their brand.  “I’m all about You.”




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