HUNTERSVILLE NC: April 18th, Mike Collins brought Charlotte Talks to the CPCC’s Merancas Campus in Huntersville. Charlotte Talks Public Conversation “Growing Pains In Lake Norman” was recorded live in front of an audience in the Belk Center for Justice Auditorium.


Wendy Herkey, Executive Producer

It was fun to see Mike Collins in person and experience being in the audience for a live radio show. The show talks about the tremendous growth in the Lake Norman region; specifically the towns of Huntersville, Cornelius, and Davidson.


Special guests included: David Boraks, WFAE reporter, Bill Coxe, Transportation Planning Director (Huntersville), Scott Cole, Division Engineer (NCDOT), Andrew Grant, Town Manager (Cornelius), Bill Russell, President (Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce), Jack Simoneau, Planning Director (Huntersville), and Mayor Rusty Knox (Davidson). In addition, NC Senator Natasha Marcus and Huntersville Mayor John Anarella were in the audience.


Wendy Herkey, Executive Producer, explained to the audience the structure of the show. It is a panel discussion with a question and answer period at the end. We could hear the opening music and introduction as Herkey counted down the seconds to the show’s start.


Thoughts from the Panel

David Boraks, WFAE reporter


“In 1993, when I moved here, Exit 25 was brand new. There was a FoodLion and a Ham & Eggs restaurant. There was a lot of farmland in the area.”

—David Boraks, WFAE reporter





Bill Coxe and Scott Cole

“Who, in the world, thought to put all of North Meck under construction at one time?”

—Bill Coxe, Huntersville Transportation Planning Director


“We’re well behind the curve. [Speaking of traffic congestion in Lake Norman] We will be making a dent in it. Certainly. Improving mobility. Improving safety. But I don’t think we’re ever going to build our way out of it.”

—Scott Cole, Division Engineer, NCDOT




Jack Simoneau, Andrew Grant and Mayor Rusty Knox.


“I-77 is the most critical issue facing us.”

—Bill Russell, President, Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce
[shown in the top photo]


“Growth in our schools has been exponential.”

—Mayor Rusty Knox, Davidson








“What’s this that I hear about a pressing need for a magistrate in North Meck?”

—Mike Collins, Host, Charlotte Talks


These thoughts and more, on roads, construction, politics, schools, affordable housing, utilities, downtowns, magistrates, and the future of the Lake Norman region.





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Public Conversation “Growing Pains in Lake Norman”

WFAE 90.7 broadcast the show on Monday, April 22, 2019 from 9 am to 10 am. More about Charlotte Talks.

UPDATE – April 22nd: Listen to both the show and the Q&A after the live broadcast here at Charlotte Talks.