Meet precious Cheddar!

This dog. He’s special… He tugs on my heartstrings.

This sweet boy has gone through so much and I want to protect him from the world. Cheddar is a 4-year-old Labrador Retriever Hound. He travels wonderfully, and he wants nothing more than to be near his human. Cheddar has the sweetest and mildest personality. He is crate trained and is shockingly quiet for a hound.

Cheddar has the world’s best leash manners. When I first take him out of the crate, he waits for me to put his leash on him. Then, we start on our walk and he does his thing. He’s not hyper, he doesn’t jump, and he doesn’t lick. But when he is finished with his walk, he slowly comes to me and stands up on his back two legs to put his front paws on me (shockingly gentle for a dog this size). I tell you he physically squeezes his short little hound legs — like he’s trying to hug. After waiting patiently for a kiss on the head, he jumps down.

This dog is so desperate for love and understanding. I cannot wait for his success story — to watch him find his absolute perfect home full of people who will be patient with his growth and give him the time and love he needs. He’s an old soul that needs some calm in his life to match his. He deserves the absolute best life possible, and I am determined to get him there. Are you Cheddar’s forever home?



Cheddar is available for adoption through Piedmont Animal Rescue! You can submit your application at









About Piedmont Animal Rescue

Piedmont Animal Rescue came into existence to raise awareness of pet adoption and animal rescue. The Visionary and President of PAR, Jason Benge, had a dream to establish a family of rescuers and volunteers who would help animals have a better chance at life!

At Piedmont Animal Rescue, we aspire to save and rehome dogs and other animals in our local area. We are also assisting our other little friends, including hamsters and rabbits, to find them their worthy and loving humans! We are a non-profit organization helping lost animals find a true haven.

We are currently working with our dynamic team of sponsors that help educate, restore, and spread general awareness for adaptation of forgotten animals. We also have a capable team of volunteers at PAR, whose aim is to ensure that no animal in our locality stays deprived of the privileges that it has every right to!






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