The Brown Note Community Foundation was named LKNConnect’s Outstanding Non-Profit for December 2019. A series of 4 articles were published. You can read about the organization, its programs, its collaborative efforts in the community, and how you can volunteer. —EH Stafford, Managing Editor



Who is The Brown Note Community Foundation?

by Sarah Varnado, Founder/Executive Director



The Brown Note Community Foundation or (TBNCF) is a new non-profit organization serving the Lake Norman area. The simple and yet profound mission of this burgeoning organization is to “engage our neighbors in a conversation around community support and to empower the individual to make a positive impact.”




One neighbor at a time


This small organization began with an idea and an inspiration to make a difference, one neighbor at a time. Founder and Executive Director, Sarah Varnado is a Lake Norman community member, she’s a wife and a Mom of two boys. She’s joined in her mission by two other local moms, Think Piece Director, Shiloh Qasserras and Fundraising Director, Amy León. They all share the passion to make an impact right in their own backyard.



“Putting the power to sow good in your hands.”





Mobile coffee shop


TBNCF is creating programs that foster person-to-person connection and inspire conversation around community support. The flagship project will be to build a unique drive-up mobile coffee shop, The P(our)ch, which will serve locally sourced coffee and dairy products. The trailer will operate as a year round fundraiser for school programs in need of support. By assisting educators and students through fundraising with local, sustainable products, TBNCF believes it can make a meaningful impact in the Lake Norman community.




“We believe in the importance of taking care of our neighbors. We believe in the potential of every individual to inspire positive growth.”




As we work toward the mobile coffee shop, other opportunities to get involved include the “Think Piece”, which promotes lifelong learning and crafts for local causes, “Think Piece Recycles” is highlighting the role of sustainability in a growing community, and  “Painted Thanks” – connecting school children to community service women and men through art. Please stay tuned for more details on our programs goals and our vision.



Giving Tree in Davidson

Also, find our tree at Christmas in Davidson in the Giving Tree Village through December 13th sponsored by Hearts on Fiber! Take a stroll through the lane and vote for your favorite tree. Our tree is decorated in cheerful pompoms made from yarn and some made from recycled plastic. Each vote is $1 and the non-profits are awarded 100% of the proceeds!



For more information

To learn more about us and find out how you can get directly involved, visit and take our short survey. Also find us on Facebook and Instagram @tbncf.






All too often the desire to get involved is ever-present, but the “how” is the tough part. Let The Brown Note Community Foundation be your first step in making your “how” happen.