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Do you have a Design Dilemma? Building a new home or renovating an existing one? We’ve got an expert here at LKNConnect — Margi Kyle. A professional Interior Designer for over 45 years, Margi has an extensive portfolio, a brilliant vision for color and style, and a willingness to help the design-deprived among us! If you have a Design Dilemma, write to Dr. Margi at and ask your question. Include pictures and details, and Dr. Margi will respond to your Design Dilemma with a perfect Solution!


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Dear Dr. Margi,

My Design Dilemma is what type of floor pattern to use in my laundry, half bath, and mud room. I love the gray tile that is in the picture, but I don’t know if I should do the safe and traditional pattern or the herringbone one?

The laundry, half bath, and mud room will all be that same tile, and I don’t want it to look too busy.

The walls will all be painted in Online by Sherwin Williams — a crisp gray. The laundry room has all-white cabinets and gray washer and dryer. My husband is going to build a “drop zone” for the mud room that will be white wood, with a dark-stained seat, and white shiplap. In the half bath, I’ve got a vanity on order that is a rustic cabinet-type vanity that is blue-green and weathered looking. It has a white bowl sink on top.

What are your design suggestions for these three rooms?


Dr. Margi says:

  • Option #1 is very traditional and safe. Since you do not have a lot of accessories and other colors and textures, traditional can be a tad boring.


  • Option # 2 is a bit more creative and interesting. The flooring needs to be functional first and then attractive next. You’ll have both. The color gray is the “color of compromise.” Gray will ground all colors to accent nature. It is natural and brings stability to a space. The flooring tile you selected will easily disguise dirt and dust. Great choice for the space!

  • If you add any accessories such as pictures, towels, and other nick knacks, use the colors on your floor, walls, cabinets, and a little bit of the blue green on the vanity. That will pull the room and colors together.

  • Also, by bringing in some live plants and/or a tree, you will add life and energy to the space. This is the year of the yard. Bring the outdoors in and indoors out!


If you have a design Dilemma and need some help, you can email me at or call me at 704-661-5223. I’d love to help!


For over 45 years, Margi Kyle, “The Color Doctor”, has built an astounding portfolio from the ever-important ‘Designer’s perspective’. Never idle, this professional Interior Designer has contributed to this industry as an Interior Designer, Television Host, Mentor, Keynote Speaker, Educator, and Writer.  Margi has taught Interior Design for over 45 years and is the executive director for We Make Color Easy, The Dewey Color System. She is also one of the  founders of a new E-Mentoring Co-op Company called










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