Channeling my inner Chris Farley as he hosted his Saturday Night Live talk show skit:


Do you remember when we went places … and saw people … and did things … ?
That was AWESOME!”

This past year was missing something.

Make that somethings. Make that a lot of somethings. Sports, concerts, and gatherings were pretty rare in 2020 from the results of the Coronavirus quarantine.


Bella Love is anticipating that trend to be different in 2021 and is forging ahead with plans for next year.

Bella Love is the parent company behind the ’Tawba Walk, 2nd Friday Street Festivals, and other events celebrated at the Oak Street Mill in Old Town Cornelius. I was with two of the company principals, Case Warnemunde and Jessica Boye, as next year’s festival calendar was worked out.


All we want to do is play

Chris Farley, 1990s SNL promo photo, courtesy

I found Farley to be quite funny prior to his passing at an early age of 33. His acting roles often took on the typical role of the man-child along with sarcastic and juvenile humor — which is right up my alley.

Subliminally, maybe Farley became part of my thought process while the three of us sat at a picnic table on a warm and sunny afternoon discussing holiday dates, manpower, logistics, and other details that matter to the organizers, however can be rather dull to the community looking for a return to fun activities.

Farley simply wanted to play. In 2020, many adults — myself included — had the same attitude. We just want to play. And at any age, what is wrong with that?



The child in the three of us came out and here’s what we’re planning

A pair of Food Truck Invitationals in the Spring and Fall will give attendees a great taste of Old Town Cornelius. The 2nd Friday Street Festivals and 2nd Saturday Cornelius local shopping experiences begin in May and run through October. Halloween and Christmas celebrations will have fun for kids of all ages. Bella Love’s marquee ‘Tawba Walk festivals will highlight the season in April and September.


A complete calendar will be available online in the near future.

Case can’t wait to engage the local community in attendance in 2021. Jess can’t wait to see everyone sampling all of the food and drink offerings in 2021. I can’t wait to see all of you from the stage while I handle the emcee duties in 2021.




As Farley would have said, “It’s going to be AWESOME!”



Patrick Reynolds


Patrick Reynolds grew up in Connecticut with a passion for auto racing. The leap to a professional career in NASCAR brought him to North Carolina. After working in the national circuits of NASCAR for eight years, the 2008 recession eliminated his position in racing. A networking meeting led to giving radio a try where a speaking knack was rekindled from theatre performances in school years. The opportunities grew to hosting radio, television, & internet broadcasts, sales positions, and event emcee work. His focus is now on community engagement for Bella Love, Old Town Cornelius, as well as a public speaker and emcee at events with PR emcee.





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