Some people look like they spend hours getting ready, while others look like they put no effort in at all.

How do you strike the perfect balance of stylish and effortless? Well, I’m here to help.

Self Confidence and Ease

This is something that can’t be bought but can be found by dressing in a way that brings your best self forward. It doesn’t matter what clothes I put you in, if you don’t feel amazing and self-confident, then you will never come across as effortless.

Adding an item that is relaxed fit

Relaxed fit doesn’t mean over-sized or baggy. Let’s take an outfit of a pair of jeans, button down shirt and a blazer. To make this look more effortless, I might swap out the blazer for a cashmere sweater to drape over my shoulder. This takes a structured item out and replaces it with one that looks softer and comes across not as stuffy but easy and light.


Have you ever seen someone wear heels to field day at their kids school, or a big winter coat in the summer? They look completely out of place and their outfit seems less than effortless. Functionality has a lot to do with creating a look that feels effortless. A sundress with sandals while shopping at the farmers market looks more effortless than a sundress with heels. It’s such a simple detail and changes the entire feel of the outfit.

One or two items of interest

Adorning yourself with a statement necklace, bold belt, purple snakeskin boots and a fedora is not an effortless look. It’s a look that is busy and hectic. It’s stressful to look at and makes you feel nauseous when looking at it for too long. Choose one item, two at the most, as a piece of interest. Add a silk scarf around your neck while wearing jeans and a t- shirt. Add fun color flats to a simple sundress. Less is more.

Light/Natural Makeup

Wearing a full face of makeup is the opposite of looking effortless. Glam face takes a great deal of time. Wearing a more natural, simple face of makeup gives a light and airy feeling. It doesn’t overtake your outfit and you are allowing your natural beauty to shine through. Again, this goes back to having self-confidence.

Simple Jewelry

Wearing simple jewelry items allows you to look pulled together but not fussy or over accessorized. A simple pair of gold hoops, a slim ring and a dainty necklace gives off that air of refinement and ease with what you’re wearing and how you feel. Sometimes people can feel, and look, weighed down by the amount and the size of the jewelry items they wear.

Self-confidence is your best asset

The great thing is that looking effortless has less to do with buying things but more to do with how you wear them and the self-confidence you exude.

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Modeling, article and photos courtesy Jessica J. Grimsland
Jessica J. Grimsland
Fashion Stylist

Jessica J. Grimsland is a Fashion Stylist that specializes in creating wardrobes that enable people to feel their best while making ethically responsible purchases. She has a passion for practicing Slow Fashion and focuses on curating a closet that contains quality pieces that are timeless. She believes that everyone should feel amazing in their clothes each and every day. Jessica teaches people how to shop their closet and become more creative with that they already have. “Shop Less and Create More” is her mantra.

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