Knowing when to hire a stylist …

Is something that seems to confuse many people. I have developed a list of times in your life when you may need some style guidance in order to put your best foot forward each day. I hope this helps you elevate if you are in a time in your life where you need some guidance with your look and aesthetic.

Your body is changing, and you don’t know how to dress it.

Whether you are in a transition period of losing or gaining weight, dressing your body in a way that is the most attractive and stylish can be very daunting. A professional stylist can help you navigate the best ways, shapes and styles to accentuate your favorite parts and draw attention away from the ones you might not love.

You don’t love any of your current clothes in your closet

Plain and simple you are BORED with all the items in your wardrobe. This is a great time to get a fresh take on styles, trends and designers that could excite your closet and lead to having fun getting ready each morning.

The thought of shopping repulses you

I hear this from a lot of my male clients. They just hate the thought of going into tons of stores to find things they like. Trying on clothes in itself for them is a reason to just give up and wear a t-shirt and gym shorts for all occasions. As a stylist, this is my passion. I love to hunt down the perfect looks for my clients.

You are up for a big promotion at work

When you reach a certain level of your career, professionals notice the details.  From the shoes, watch, type of sleeve, suit fabric, working buttons etc. There are so many details that tell the person that is hiring you that you pay attention to detail and will represent the company well. Plus it shows you have self-confidence and personal style. That’s always a plus when going for a job.

It’s affecting your social life, you’re not going out

You’re getting invited out often, but you decline because you don’t have anything to wear that you feel amazing in. This is the perfect time to let a professional help you shop for items that bring the best out of you and give you self-confidence to go out and live your best life.

New phase of your life

 This is what happened to me. I became an empty nester who was now living closer to my husband’s job which meant I had more events to attend with him. My closet consisted solely of workout clothes, jeans, t-shirts and a hoodie. I didn’t even own a “Big Girl” pocketbook. I sported a Lululemon fanny pack because it was functional for me.

Now the fanny pack doesn’t cut it and I am a representation of my husband when I go to his work functions. Attending these formal events, jump started me into diving deep into my fashion roots that I had growing up and reigniting the flame of expressing myself through what I wore.

Jessica Grimsland- Fashion and Wardrobe Stylist

Jessica J Grimsland

Jessica J. Grimsland is a Fashion Stylist that specializes in creating wardrobes that enable people to feel their best while making ethically responsible purchases. She has a passion for practicing Slow Fashion and focuses on curating a closet that contains quality pieces that are timeless. She believes that everyone should feel amazing in their clothes each day. Jessica teaches people how to shop their closet and become more creative with what they already have. Shop less and create more is her mantra.

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