Your color choices reflect your mood and needs —

Perhaps you woke up this morning and found yourself gravitating toward a certain color. While this may feel like an unconscious decision, it’s actually your subconscious mind guiding you to the color that will help you maximize your day.

If you have a choice, what you select to wear each day reveals where you need to give yourself a boost. For instance, if you wear the green shades, you have a need to be nurtured. If you wear the red shades, you have a need to be expressive.

If you are wearing a multicolored fabric, notice what color in the pattern stands out the most. If you are wearing lots of colors, what color dominates or is next to your face?  If you are dressed in a conservative suit, what color is your tie or scarf?

The Dewey Color System™

The Dewey Color System™, a proven, reliable personality evaluation, gives self-awareness through color preference. Use this revolutionary new approach to affirm your energy. You will gain the power to make rational requests.

Are you wearing your favorite colors today? 

These colors reassure you. They will make you feel that, for the most part, everything is okay. You will become more focused. Wearing your favorite colors is a sign that little things will not distract you from your goals.

Are you wearing your least favorite colors today? 

If so, you are going to create excitement by confronting areas that you normally avoid. For accessories, consider using shades of colors that you would normally dislike. You will heal and enlighten specific areas of your life.

Muscle Up

Each color emits enlightening vibrations. If you are attracted to a certain color shade today, read about it in the following excerpts from the Dewey Color System.

Lime Green vibrations enable you to see what is missing in your life so you can solve your problems. They allow you to aggressively question your needs

Green vibrations enable you to examine yourself to know what you want.  They enable you to see how and where you need to be better supported.

Teal vibrations enable you to believe in your wishes. They give you the power to examine and believe in your dreams.

Blue vibrations encourage you to continually rethink your future. They project your passions and dreams into long-term goals.

Indigo vibrations motivate you to plan your future.  You gain the self-confidence to create action plans from your ideas. 

Purple vibrations give you the courage to investigate yourself. You gain the vision to be more powerful in your current situations and relationships.

Magenta vibrations make you less skeptical – more enthusiastic. You acquire an open perspective that stimulates others and situations.

Red vibrations encourage you to tell the world how you feel. When others realize who you are, you acquire recognition.

Red-Orange vibrations make you seek to be more appreciated and loved. They demand that you be respected as an individual.

Orange vibrations create realistic expectations and methodical approaches. You acquire an understanding of what is and is not working in your life.

Gold vibrations request the down time to eliminate undesirable thoughts. You gain awareness of your passions to create an inner peace.

Yellow vibration gives you the freedom to gravitate towards what makes you feel more alive. You become more aware of your need.

Black vibrations make you aware of what you truly value. They allow you to better define better what and who is important to you.

Brown vibrations make you more authentic to yourself. They allow you to live in the moment and become more aware of what you want.

White vibrations encourage you to calculate what will bode well for your future. You gain the objectively to pursue new options.

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Article by Margi Kyle and Dewey Sadka
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For over 45 years, Margi Kyle, “The Color Doctor”, has built an astounding portfolio from the ever-important ‘Designer’s perspective’. Never idle, this Professional Interior Designer has contributed to this industry as an Interior Designer, Television Host, Mentor, Keynote Speaker, Educator, and Writer. Margi has Taught Interior Design of over 45 years and is the executive director for We Make Color Easy, The Dewey Color System. You can book a seminar or color course with her by emailing her at

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