An Expressive Evening Out


I just discovered a new place to come for some off-the-grid restorative crafting therapy. I recently stepped out of my comfort zone and devoted serious time to using found materials and wire cutters and bows and berries and everything nice to “make something!”


That’s right, I participated in a DIY workshop at Bells Box Collective, right in the heart of Old Town Cornelius, and I am now consider myself a crafter convert.


I attended the Wreath Making Workshop, and as a result have a most beautiful representation of the unending circle of everlasting life hanging on my front door this Christmas season. At first I was a little bit nervous, not knowing if my skills would be up for the challenge, but in the end I am so glad I took the opportunity for an adventurous, relaxing escape.


Bells Box

There was a solace and peace my soul felt after thoughtfully snipping and arranging fresh twigs of Fraser fir, Leyland Cyprus, and boxwood (and slowly sipping some nice red wine) and conversing with fellow crafters while we created the most unique and gorgeous holiday wreaths. Crafting is as much about the craft as it about connecting with others as we tap into our creative side and produce something meaningful.


This experience I will treasure. When I come home now, that wreath greets me at my door and I smile and am reminded of the warmth and companionship of making new friends, making something that never ends.


What is Bells Box Collective?

The Wreath Making Class is just one of the many classes and workshops offered at Bells Box Collective. Some are administered by entrepreneurial owner Cory Rindskopf, and some are taught by local experts and artists in the surrounding region. After six years of working in finance, Cory Rindskopf traded her drab, gray cubicle for something far more exciting.

Bells Box

Bells Box Collective officially opened its doors in October 2017 as a workshop and meeting space that specializes in bridal and baby showers, birthday and private parties, and small group events. But the story doesn’t start there. Rindskopf’s desire to help create lasting memories and simplify the event planning process started with her online wedding planning business that offered virtual coaching and workshops, access to online resources, and event consulting at an affordable price. In addition to planning the perfect wedding, Bells Box Collective wanted to offer an “open door” for creatives and educators to host fun and innovative workshops. These now-popular events are usually fueled with champagne and confetti and range from prepping for the perfect party to learning the art of hand-lettering to the fundamentals of floral arrangements (Petals and Pinot).

The quaint storefront located at 21403 Catawba Ave. is bright, welcoming, and the perfect fit for Old Town Cornelius, reinforcing the idea that life is better together and everyone is created for connection. Rindskopf invites anyone who is looking for a creative night out to check its current lineup of workshops and anyone with upcoming nuptials to stop by for a visit and a consultation!