FITNESS: Hiring a Personal Trainer – The Why and How (Part 1 of 2)

Two questions usually arise when someone considers whether to hire a personal trainer: “Do I need a trainer?” and “Can I afford one?”

Personal training services can offer outstanding fitness solutions for most people. That is true regardless of their exercise experience, fitness, or income levels. In this two-part series I’ll offer some reasons for hiring a trainer and suggestions on training options. I’ll also discuss how to hire the right trainer for you and how to make personal training more affordable and effective.


Most people, even experienced fitness enthusiasts, can learn useful information from the right trainer

Beginners and those with little experience are typically the population that’s more apt to hire a trainer. It’s important to do so if you don’t understand techniques and concepts like training to failure, using full range of motion, symmetrical strength training, heart rate specifics, training zones, and so on. Hiring a trainer will absolutely accelerate results. Just learning the concept of “training to failure” will multiply results over time.



Get the most out of your workout

While weight training, many people use the same repetition schemes and weights for weeks or months on end, making little or no progress. A trainer will show you how to get the most out of each workout. Even if you go off on your own and come back for occasional updates, you will multiply your results. Add the safety factor into the equation, and it makes even more sense.


Some training techniques are unsafe if performed improperly

An example of a new training technique that requires learning new skills for its safe and effective implementation is functional high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Many training philosophies and techniques like HIIT are highly effective and rooted in science. They are also dependent on proper technique and potentially dangerous if executed improperly. Even if you’re an old pro in the gym, you may receive individualized, helpful instruction from a trainer that will produce excellent results that you would never have realized on your own.


Consider hiring a personal trainer, even if you think that you don’t need one


Some of my biggest client successes have been with advanced level athletes or individuals who thought they “had it all figured out” and trained with me looking for any tiny edge I could give them. Often, I opened their eyes to a new world of progress made possible by a second set of skilled, objective eyes capable of providing unique training insights.




Learn new skills, stay motivated

Some people hire trainers for skills acquisition, some for the motivation provided by paying for sessions or a combination of both. I’ve seen it both ways during 37 years and more than 31,000 hours of training and consultation time. In either case, results were realized when the client showed up and put in the effort. I’m available for free advice on the subject for anyone interested.


In my next article I will focus on how to hire the trainer that is right for you and strategize on how to make the experience more fulfilling and more affordable as well.



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Wayne Coolidge, Jr., M.Ed., CHES is an author, speaker, and innovative Health Promotion Scholar-Practitioner. He owns Wayne Coolidge Health Promotion, a consulting firm specializing in healthy aging, nutrition, nutritional supplementation, fat loss, fitness, and disease prevention. His expertise is designing lifestyle-optimization strategies leading to positive genetic expression, controlled cellular aging, health, and wellness. He has accumulated more than 31,000 hours of one-on-one training and personal consultation experience over a 37-year career. Wayne’s web site You can email him at


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