HEALTHIER YOU: Food Satisfaction and Portion Control – The Missing Link?

Portion control

A popular topic among clients is portion control. What does it look like? How do we achieve it? Those are great questions and ones we are happy to answer. I, too, have a question. Have you ever considered the effect that eating satiating foods has on this topic as well? Today we will uncover a few reasons this plays a role. We will end with 3 easy tips on maintaining portions.


Satisfaction factor

Our nutrient choices are linked to what we call “happy hormones.”  Eating foods such as almonds, yogurt, kimchi, and beans helps our bodies release endorphins in multiple forms. Endorphins are mood enhancers and stabilizers. When we are in a good mood, sleeping better, or overall less stressed, it’s easier to focus on being mindful.


Food diversity

Food does not have to be the same or bland to be nutrient dense. In fact, studies show that one of the best ways to improve overall health is to improve our gut health. Food diversity plays an important role as having diverse bacteria can lead to a reduction in cravings and overeating. Many spices, and even some oils, have wonderful benefits that go beyond making a meal taste great.


3 Tips for maintaining proper portions:


Tip 1

Eat your meals on a smaller plate. This is a quick way to have smaller amounts without needing to measure.








Tip 2

Sit down while eating, and give yourself appropriate time to chew. You should chew about 32 times per piece of food, slightly less on softer foods. When we chew thoroughly, we are allowing the body to release acids to break up food. Proper chewing aids in digestion and gut health.







Tip 3

Take your time and enjoy your food. Tip 2 leads into Tip 3, as chewing also gives you time to truly enjoy the flavors. Eating slowly creates a satisfaction and fullness factor. It takes about 20 min to feel full. Giving yourself this time will help you truly assess if more is really needed.




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Shannon Montecino, NASM Personal Trainer, ACE Health Coach, and ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist,  is originally from a small town in CA and moved to LKN, along with her husband of 15 years, in 2006. They have two boys, 12 and 9.  Losing her dad in his late 50’s to a heart attack in 2008 sparked a need in Shannon to help others feel their best and lead the healthiest life possible. Her specialties include women’s health and fitness nutrition, and she has a special interest in hormone and OAT testing services. Shannon has been with TNT for 4 years. Her passions include weight training, reading, hiking, and helping her clients see how amazing they are. You can reach Shannon at






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