It was a rainy afternoon, when I visited the Bradford Farm on Davidson-Concord Hwy. in Huntersville, but inside, the store was warm and welcoming, and smelled earthy and fresh. It’s a working farm and the retail location consists of the Bradford Store, the Cabin, and the Barn.


The Bradford family opened its general store in 1912, closed it in the 1950s, and reopened it in 2006, following a renovation and the relocation of the Cabin and the Barn to its current site.



“T” McLeod opened McLeod Organics in February 2011 in the Barn. At that time, it was an organic gardening store with plants, seeds, soil amendments, livestock feed, bird seed, and holistic pet food. A year later, he expanded into the Cabin, adding super foods and a line of personal care products. McLeod Organics is one of the few retailers in the U.S. that carries Living Libations essential oils, an exclusive product line from Canada. In 2015, his wife Jennifer quit her corporate job to join her husband in the business. In 2017, the Bradford family decided to leave the retail business and invited the McLeods to take over the operation of the historic Bradford Store.


“We are very honored and blessed to be the only people outside the Bradford family to occupy this space in this building.”—Jennifer McLeod


“T”  and Jennifer McLeod

Their mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle and to help connect the wellness community in the Charlotte area. They specialize in offering local and organic items. Produce is grown on their farm and other local small farms. And if you’re looking for eggs, they have pastured, soy-free eggs, laid by chickens that are free to roam in pastures and whose feed does not contain soy (a cheap feed that is typically genetically modified). You can also pick up duck eggs. “Many people believe that duck eggs are better for baking. Some people who are sensitive to chicken eggs can eat duck eggs,” explained Jennifer.


The chickens at the Bradford farm roam freely around the buildings and gardens.

Here’s some of the other locally sourced items you’ll find there:

  • Nut butters
  • Dynamite Roasting Company organic coffee
  • Fresh baked sourdough bread
  • King of Pops (frozen treats)
  • Two Brothers BBQ sauce
  • Goat Lady cheese
  • Homeland Creamery milk & cream
  • Molasses and sorghum
  • Yah’s best soup, hot sauce, pepper jellies & chow chow
  • Local honey (their top selling item)
  • Organic herbs
  • Sweet’s elderberry syrup
  • Chicken, pork, and lamb from pastured animals that were fed non-GMO grains
  • Certified organic, grass-fed, grass-finished beef (grass-finished means the animals were never fed any grain)
  • Fresh seafood, which is delivered from the North Carolina coast on Thursday mornings



McLeod Organics regularly offers free wellness events featuring local alternative practitioners. A favorite is an organic gardening event hosted by “T” multiple times in the growing season. Past offerings include Writers Circle, Natural Ways to Improve Sleep, Breast Health & Thermography, Plant Medicine to Prepare for Cold & Flu Season, Gut Instincts, and more. Visit its Facebook Page to learn about upcoming events.


Team members Lizzy Schrand, Erika Martin, and Amber Biter stand ready to assist customers in the Bradford Store.


The Bradford Store is located at 15915 Davidson Concord Hwy. in Huntersville. Open Mon.-Fri., 10am-6pm, and Sat., 9am-5pm.