Make An Impact is LKNConnect’s Outstanding Non-Profit for the month of June. This article is the third in a series of four articles describing their mission, how businesses can make an impact in their community and read on for more about their programs. — EH Stafford, Managing Editor



What’s happening in your corner of the world?

Have you ever noticed there are people in need right around the corner from your office, your house, or any place you frequent? Of course, we all hear about there being people in need across the country and even the world. But have we ever seen the need right in our community, neighborhood or even backyard?

This happened to one of the Make an Impact Foundation (MAIF) MCIPs (want to know what a MCIP is, check out last week’s article at LKNConnect by clicking here).


Just a Normal Drive Turned into a Calling

Police & Kids – Members of the Huntersville Police Department help local Huntington Green children design the new playground.

One our supporters and now MCIPs was driving through Huntersville and noticed a church with a dilapidated playground and basketball court in a mobile home neighborhood. She immediately thought of her own children and how much they love to play outside or even play on playgrounds. She felt called to help the children of that neighborhood. At the same time, one or our MCIPs and local business owners from across town, mentioned he wanted to build a playground for a nonprofit that he often supported. They both saw a need in their community, and it turned out they were wanting to help the same playground.


A Dilapidated Playground = Hidden Gem for Local Children

We, at MAIF, began to research all who wanted to be involved in this playground and turned it into one of our community projects. We were able to collaboratively design a park that includes a playground, basketball court and soccer field. The church was able to install new lights. This new park now gives the 350 plus families in Huntington Green Mobile Home Park and surrounding neighborhoods a safe place to play and build community with their neighbors.

Community members came to us with a need and we worked together with local businesses (Clean Juice, Trane Technologies, Artisan Signs & Graphics, Markham Landscapes, Quest M&A, Miracle Recreation), nonprofits (Joey Logano Foundation, Peninsula Community Foundation, Caterpillar Ministries), local churches (Lakehaven and Lake Forest), Huntersville city officials and Huntersville law enforcement on this community project to build a safe place to play.


Huntington Green Playground – A graphic design of the new Huntington Green playground.


However, we were just days away from our Community Build Day and Celebration day when COVID restrictions began. We were not able to quite complete this project just yet.


The good news?

This is your opportunity to Make an Impact! If you or any of your friends or business associates are interested in giving back to a community in need of a safe place to play by volunteering at the build or assisting financially, visit our #NCKidsPlay – Huntington Green Park – project page. For updates on this project, follow us on Facebook @Makeanimpactnow or Linked In @Make-An-Impact-Foundation.


Groundbreaking – Donors, supporters and even the children who will play on the playground attending the Huntington Green Park Groundbreaking.


Designing projects in the local community

As you can see, we at MAIF design community projects we and our partners are passionate about, but we also listen to and look for needs in the local community. We work collectively to Make an Impact in the lives of local children. Check out our article next week to see how you and other members of the community can make an impact in the lives of children.





Deborah McKee, Account Executive 
MAIF funds projects that impact the lives of children who are underprivileged, marginalized, underserved, economomically disadvantaged, neglected, abused, distressed or simply in need.  We want ALL children to be given every opportunity they can to succeed in school but ultimately in life.  Visit for information to see how you can join us to make this happen.




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