By Natalie R. Ramos
Local Government Reporter


MOORESVILLE NC: Earlier this month, Commissioners Gary West, Thurman Houston, and other Town Hall staff members held a community meeting for residents to express their ideas, concerns, and visions for the future renovations being planned for parks and recreation centers in Mooresville.


War Memorial Mooresville Recreation Department

Officials and local representatives from around the country were there to express what they thought was needed to help facilitate, improve, and preserve the 70-year-old War Memorial building. It’s history was presented, as well as descriptions of its current condition.


War Memorial Building in 1949


Director of Parks and Recreation Pam Reidy started the meeting with a flashback history from 72 years ago (1947) when the Civil Planning Council first came up with a master plan goal of trying to raise $150,000 in 6 days to begin construction of the first War Memorial building. That building opened to the public in October 14th, 1949. The first pool opened in 1954 and a gym was added in 1967.

Rec Supervisor Ti Farmer has served 28yrs with the War Memorial recreation department. She was proud to see so many faces in the community turning out to participate in the planning process. Farmer mentioned the location is used for various Summer Youth and After School programs along with the adult martial arts, baby showers, and community events. 


The Eaton Community Center is an example of the possibilities for Mooresville.



Mr. John Barnholt, Project Manager of Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture explained project goals, schedules, surveys, and priorities for the upcoming years. Katie Barnes, Principal Architect, showed slides of other facilities and projects that firm has completed to give people ideas of what can be accomplished in Mooresville. There was a discussion of ways to improve access for residents with physical impairment challenges. A specialist from an aquatic design firm spoke about whether the existing pool still met community expections and safety codes.


The War Memorial’s current pool.


  • The next Community Meeting will be held on July 9th and 10th 2019
  • On Aug 19th, 2019, there will be a presentation board to show the different plans and studies.
  • In February 2020, the final report on the completed project will be displayed.  
  • In March 2020, New Liberty Park Phase 1 will be opened to the public with a ceremony to honor veterans.



After the Phase one completion, there will be more community meetings to encourage participation in the planning of Phase two. The Town of Mooresville War Memorial Recreation Center is located at 220  N. Maple Street Mooresville, Nc 28115.



Natalie Ramos


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