In the Kitchen: Fig Prosciutto Pizza with Arugula

Margi Kyle

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Fig Prosciutto Pizza with Arugula

By Margi Kyle, The Designing Doctor, LLC




Pizza Crust:

I use either the Pillsbury Pie Crust or the Crescent Rolls for a thinner crust. (I have attended a party where Margi served this appetizer, it was delicious! For the prep and photos for this article, I used a pre-made, unfolded pizza dough from the refrigerator case at the grocery store. It also works great! — EHS)



2 tablespoons olive oil (Depending upon the size of your crust, 1 tbsp. may be sufficient.)

Kosher salt

6 to 8 tablespoons fig spread or jam — I usually use the entire jar.

12 ounces fresh mozzarella, sliced thin

Freshly ground black pepper

Black Garlic salt — you can get at Savory Spice online or in Birkdale.

Minced Green onions or chives (fresh are prettier, but dried works as well.)

Jane’s Krazy Mixed-up Pepper

6 ounces thinly sliced prosciutto

1 bunch washed and rinsed arugula (the triple-washed baby arugula in the clam shell box was easy)

1 cup shaved Parmesan (I used a parmesan grated blend for the photos, the shaved parmesan looks prettier and tastes better.)





Roll out the pizza dough on a lightly floured surface as thinly as possible. Dough should be roughly 17 by 10 inches. Place on a large baking sheet or pizza stone. (If using the folded pizza dough, unfold and lay on the baking sheet instead. With this method the pizza is 14 by 9 inches. Note: I pinched a small crust around the edge, this pizza is gooey.)






Drizzle lightly with the olive oil and sprinkle lightly with black garlic salt. (For anyone who wants less salt, use granulated garlic.)








Spread the fig spread all over the surface of the dough. (If you can’t find fig jam, apricot jam would also be delicious.)








Lay the slices of mozzarella all over the surface of the pizza crust. Sprinkle lightly with salt, pepper, and chives. Bake the pizza at 425F (or recommended pkg. directions) until the crust is golden and the cheese is bubbly, 12 to 17 minutes. (If using pizza dough, bake 15 to 20 minutes.)






Remove from the oven and immediately drape the prosciutto slices over the hot pizza. Sprinkle generously with the arugula and Parmesan shavings.







Cut into wedges or squares and serve immediately! Yum!








Wine recommendation

Pair with a crisp rosé or a pinot gris (white wine) for a nice balance.







Printable version of this recipe

In the Kitchen series – Fig Pizza



Recipe preparation and photos by EH (Ellen) Stafford, Managing Editor




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