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Do you have a Home Inspection in your future? If so, good news is coming from

Before you dive into this article, I have a confession to make. I have never had, nor needed, a home inspection. I purchased my home from my parents forty-three years ago. My Dad had the house built in 1956 and I grew up in the house. During a recent conversation with a local home inspector, I had a lot of questions about the process.

The more we talked about inspections the more questions I had. I have a general idea about the process but never realized that there are many aspects, and different types of inspections. I assumed that there are many homeowners that also have questions. This gave me the idea of asking Jade Ehret, if he would consider becoming a featured writer for I wanted him to educate us about home inspections.

Introducing Jade Ehret.

Jade, and his family, recently moved to NC. I first got to know Jade because of his involvement with Red Clay Athletics. (Red Clay Athletics is an organization dedicated to travel baseball and softball player development. The organization uses the baseball field I built on my property)

Red Clay Athletics practicing on the ballfield

When he decided to move his family from Ohio, he asked his family what they would miss the most about the move. Their answer, Whit’s Frozen Custard. So, what did Jade and his wife, Annsley, decided to do to solve the issue? They purchased a franchise and opened a store in Huntersville, Davidson and most recently, in Mooresville.

Whit’s Frozen Custard

Whit’s Frozen Custard offers our community a taste of happiness, The Huntersville location is next to the Goodwill store on Statesville Rd. At this location, they have a large space that offers indoor seating and a few benches outside to enjoy your Whit’s. Since Annsley runs the business, Jade can devote all his time to baseball, and conducting home inspections.

Visit the Huntersville location across from Goodwill
You know you want to get it now

Now the breaking news.

Beginning in 2024, Jade will be writing articles covering many aspects of home inspections. They will include, but not be limited to:

  1. What is a home inspection?
  2. When does a home inspection happen during a home sale?
  3. What to expect during the home inspection process
  4. How to prepare for your home inspection
  5. Should you get a pre-listing inspection?
  6. How home inspections affect the sale
  7. Q&A: More expert tips and insights about home inspections
  8. Set yourself up for a successful home inspection

Home Inspections can be stressful. Jade’s articles will be designed and written to put your mind at ease and answer your questions. Every home will have issues that will need to be addressed. I imagine we will all learn things we never thought about.’s desire is to help ease frustration and stress by having Jade education us.

You will be able to view his articles, as well as others, by visiting our website at, Just click on the Magazine tab and look under the Home Services tab

Jade Ehret is a Home Inspector working in the Lakc Norman area. He and his wife, Annsley, own and operate Whit’s Frozen Custard in Davidson, Huntersville and Mooresville. Jade devotes most of his time supporting kids playing baseball on travel baseball teams. If you have questions about home inspections, or need to schedule an inspection, contact him at 

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