Is your business – Known, Liked and Trusted?

All business owners know that a major component of their success is being Known, Liked and Trusted by their customers. However, how can they make this happen prior to meeting, greeting, and getting to know them?

Let show you how.

Who is is a website built to support the Lake Norman area. At LKN Connect® our goal is to help engage the community, while supporting local businesses and leaders with powerful connections, professional insights, and unique growth opportunities. Using our website and Social Media platforms we can access hundreds of thousands of residents on a regular basis.  

How can support your business? has developed a series of programs that assist you in making this happen. Let us tell you about our introductory program that costs under $2.00 per day.

Introducing the Community Connect Program for advertising and promoting your businesses.

Community Connect Program has designed a Business Landing Page (Community Connect Landing Page) to focus on you and your business. Each page is custom designed to best tell your business story. The Community Connect Page is the point of reference for all the business enhance products and programs.

The launch program shares your new landing page with the Lake Norman Community.

Each Community Connect Program includes the following:

  • Landing Page – Development and Maintenance (Required)
  • Three Connect Buttons that allows a direct connection to your site(s)
    • Connect to your WebsiteConnect to your Facebook Page
    • Connect to Event/Special Event Calendar
    • Unlimited Social Media (Ask for Details)
  • Use of LKNConnect’s Three Facebook Pages
    • A.  LKNConnect – for approved articlesB.  Eat-Drink-Play Lake Norman – for Food – Beverage or Entertainment
  • Two General Category Social Media Promotions Per Month    
  • C.  LKNConnect: Shop Local – for Home Services & Retail Businesses

The Launch

The launch is the actual introduction of the business to the Lake Norman Community
Welcome Ad – Developed by                        
Distribution – The Welcome Ad will be distributed  throughout the LKNConnect’s Social Media Network – (Facebook & Instagram, etc.)

To find out more about the programs offered contact Doug Fitzgerald at,

Is this all can do for me?

No, this is only the basic program. For more information, please contact Doug Fitzgerald at You can also check out the Saving Section of the website to read about our programs.