The new year is here and I’m sure you have a long list of “to do’s” for 2020. And while you’ve added an annual physical to your list to maintain your health—have you thought about your trees?


Winter is the best time

Your trees are a valuable asset to your home and yard. Winter is a great time to do a health check on your trees. Pick a nice day and just wander around your yard. All the leaves should have fallen from your deciduous trees by now. You should have a good view of the tree canopy.


You’re looking for a few key things

Missing Bark


A tree’s bark is similar to a human’s skin. It’s designed to protect the layers underneath. Missing or torn bark on a tree’s trunk or branches can lead to disease.






Dead Branches


Dead branches that are still attached or hung up on on other branches in the canopy can be dangerous; especially if they are above pathways or common areas. (These are called “widow-makers” for a reason.)




Branches Crossing

Branches crossing or resting on another branch can scrape against each other removing bark and ultimately causing damage to the tree.



Vines, mistletoe, or other parasites living on the outside of trees can also weaken and damage the tree.





Fungus or mushrooms at the base of a tree may be an indication of a rotting tree.





Warning signs

The problems listed above, whether you find one or all of them, are warning signs that there might be a problem with your tree. If you see any of the above, call a tree service.


Tips for using a tree service

Most tree companies will offer free quotes and can give you a better idea of what should be done with the tree. Do be wary of any service that recommends removal as the only option. Often there are multiple ways to improve the health of a tree.


Also, be sure to get multiple quotes. This will give you a good range of prices and services. Not all companies are suited for every tree removal. When you get a high quote from one company and a lower one from another, it may mean that the first company isn’t suited for the job.


Be careful in considering the lowest priced quotes as well. Business insurance for tree services is very high, which is one reason that it can cost a hunk of money to do tree work. Make sure to ask the tree service to have their insurance company send over their policy before starting any work.


A New Year’s resolution

Keeping your trees healthy is a great resolution for the new year, and can be checked off your list in a jiffy. Happy New Year and good tree health to you!




Leah and her husband Jamie own and operate Henrichsen Wood, a Mobile Sawmill and Tree Service in Charlotte. Working to prevent “tree waste”, Henrichsen Wood strives to transform client’s trees into useful materials – mulch, firewood, landscape ties and even dimensional lumber. Their mission is to conserve, transform and replant the amazing tree canopy in our region. Check out Henrichsen Wood at to find out more.




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