Making and Saving Memories

April 21, 2020 – 10:00 am – 10:30 am

LKNConnect Zoom Meeting

Relevant:   All Local Lake Norman Businesses with less than 500 employees.


Bringing Local to Life Series for Lake Norman Local Businesses is a biweekly series designed to help local businesses during this time of uncertainty and shut-down.

Making and Saving Memories

Event Photographer John McHugh, of Ocaid Photography, describes the complete change in his business strategy since there are no events being held at this time. He’ll talk about how to organize your photos so you can enjoy your memories. John will also discuss a special program that he is offering to generate new clients.

Ed McCutcheon, of TruErity Digital, will describe the new procedures he has in place to continue to work with your old photos, tapes, film, and other obsolete technologies. He will describe how he can digitize your old memories to share in these modern times. He is also offering attendees a special discount.


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A special program from LKNConnect

LKNConnect will announce a special program it is offering to all local businesses during this time of uncertainty. The offer is designed to help local businesses establish an online presence. E-Commerce is a great way to ensure against any future pandemics or natural disasters.



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