CORNELIUS NC: July 15th Cornelius Town Board Meeting. Commissioners used the only July meeting to concentrate on the mechanics of town governance. While not glamorous, these business items are necessary for continued growth and prosperity in Cornelius.


Planning Board appointments

First among these items was future planning, beginning with Planning Board appointments. While all were reappointments, the makeup of the board came into question by Commissioner Dave Gilroy, since applications were not solicited. In response to the questions, Deputy Town Manager Wayne Herron highlighted the diverse professional backgrounds, stating it was “one of the best mixes we’ve put together.” These appointments passed unanimously.


Expanding highway 115’s southern corridor

Cornelius began one of the early steps to expanding Highway 115’s southern corridor with a feasibility study shown to the Board of Commissioners. The study must be scored before it can be presented to the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization (CRTPO) for inclusion into 2020’s Metropolitan Transportation Plan. There are still many steps before the funds can be allocated and construction can begin. In short, this project is a long way off but the town is working towards this goal.


New electric rate for economic development

The town also approved an Electric Rate Economic Development Rider for ElectriCities. This rider will allow ElectriCities to offer timed discount for new business customers that have the multiple option for electricity. This rate would only apply to “medium to high” demand consumers with needs above 300kW. The discount would begin at 30% in its 1st year and decline to 0% after the 4th year. The motion was introduced in hopes of allowing ElectriCities to better compete with other area utilities. It was approved 5-0.



Other business items included agreements between the Town of Cornelius and the Town of Davidson and Mecklenburg County for the construction, operation and maintenance of the Plum Creek and Caldwell Station Creek Greenways. While agreements existed before, this formalizes them in writing.


Other business items

Town commissioners authorized the sale of town property to private bidders and allocated funds from last fiscal year to this one for the completion of some road resurfacing projects. Commissioners also took time to highlight both work on the peak time shoulder hardening project to help alleviate traffic along I-77.




This meeting also saw the recognition of several promotions of town staff including Officers Robert Russell and Graham Smith to Corporal, and emergency responder Daniel Little to Communication Supervisor.


Public meeting tonight (July 17th)

From 6 pm to 7:30 pm at Cornelius Town Hall. Developers of the Alexander Farms project will present their plans.



Brenton C Davis


Brenton C. Davis: Raised in the area, I have recently returned after time spent in Chicago, New York, and Washington D.C., I hope to bring a level of attention to local matters that are important to our citizens and neighbors.