MOORESVILLE NC: July 8th Mooresville Town Board Meeting. The Board of Commissioners opened the floor to the public to express their views, questions, and concerns about the issues taking place in their neighborhood and surroundings. Each speaker was allotted 3 minutes.


Supporting Chief Damon Williams

Reverend Raymond Johnson, NAACP

NAACP Representatives Reverend Raymond Johnson from South Carolina and Cabarrus County District Director Amos L. McClorey, expressed their support for Mooresville Police Department Chief Damon Williams. He is currently on administrative leave while an investigation about his involvement in a hostile work environment is taking place. 


Wanting peace not violence in Mooresville

One woman who stated she has been living in the area for 47 years, complained about the 4th of July Fireworks, the noise problems, traffic conditions, and the safety of the children in her neighborhood. She told the Board that she wanted peace not violence in the Mooresville Community. 




New Police Officer Estefania Manzano

After the Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance, Police Officer Estefania Manzano was sworn in to the Mooresville Police Department.


Mayor Miles Atkins swears in new Police Officer Estefania Manzano.



Grants approved

Additions, improvements, and donations to Iredell County along with the approval of Grants to the Police, Fire and Public Safety Departments were made.  


Staffing contract awarded

An award contract with Allegiance Staffing was presented for renewal by one of its staff members in the amount of $945,175 to be budgeted in each department to support their staffing needs effective July 1, 2019. This motion was carried by the Board and was officially approved by its members.


Motion carried forward

Engineering Director Jonathan Young presented his case for an award of contract on the Intersection for NC 801/150 to Dane Construction Inc. for an amount not exceeding $2.732,982.40. The contract will include installation of dedicated left and right turn lanes. The motion was carried forward while awaiting final approval from NCDOT. 


Planning request

A request from Planning and Community Development on behalf of Realco Investment Properties for five parcels located at the intersection of Faith Road and Shearers Rd was also presented. The request added a text amendment which was then approved by the Board.


Manager’s report and new business

The Manager’s Report was given. The Sister City Program was discussed which included support from Mooresville Community for Hockenheim Germany’s Anniversary.


Update on Selma Burke Center renovations.



New Business which include Selma Burke and Liberty Park Project Construction updates for 2020. These items brought the public meeting to a close. The Board remained in a closed session to further discussed on-going matters with its attorney. 


Next meeting

Due to the summer schedule, there will not be a second meeting in July. The next meeting is August 5th. There will only be one meeting in August. In September, the Board of Commissioners will return to their usual 2 meetings per month schedule.




Mooresville Town Board meets the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month at 6pm in the Executive Board Room at Mooresville Town Hall, 413 North Main Street, Mooresville, NC 28115. View current/past agendas and video of the board meetings.





Natalie Ramos


Local Government Reporter Natalie R. Ramos: I am from the lovely Caribbean Islands of Trinidad and Tobago. I am a mother of two and a recent small business owner of Beautiful Dreamer Variety Store. My hobbies are writing, singing, broadcasting, photography, spoken word poetry and working with others who currently have the same endeavors. I recently published my first Poetry/Quotes book. My motto is: “With hard work and dedication anything you put your mind to in life is possible—never give up on your dreams.”