Everyone knows Bob, he’s such the welcoming sort.

There’s always time in his day to make that perfect cup of coffee and serve you a piece of his famous pie or banana bread — his own recipe, ya know. Makes me happy I’m wearing my stretchy pants!

My other favorite thing about Bob

Is he’ll even offer to cook you breakfast no matter what time it is! Like who doesn’t want pancakes for dinner?

Today I came to see Bob for a lunch meeting, I knew I’d expect a cozy quiet place to handle some business notes and enjoy a fine meal.

So, what’s up with this fella Bob always trying to feed me you ask?

Well, it’s the Bob we all know … Bob Evans restaurant! Right in Huntersville on the corner of Sam Furr Rd and Northcross.

PJ, my server at Bob Evans

Great Service

Today was especially pleasing because my super friendly server named PJ was so prompt and attentive, I didn’t even get a chance to ask for anything — it’s like he read my mind.

Hmmm, how did he know I needed more napkins. Maybe cheesy potato soup dribbling down my chin? He never let on. (wink wink) More napkins and a side of biscuits please!

View my interview with PJ

Linner? (Late lunch, early dinner?)

It was quite a fulfilling “after lunch”, “before dinner” meal … what can we call that? Linner? I’m not sure. I’m just gonna stick with late lunch and go with that!

The summer berry salad

Made me glad summer was almost here because the strawberries were ripe and juicy. The salad was so refreshing but the blue cheese crumbles gave it that twang of flavor that made your tastes buds say “oh yeah”!

Summer berry salad with chicken. Cheesy potato soup. Biscuit with butter. Coffee.

Time to go

PJ came by again. When I asked for boxes and my check, he was quick on the draw and had it handy. I was sure to tell him he was such a pleasure and what a great server he was.

He told me his story. [See video above.] I was touched by this young man’s passion to help and serve. He was ready to do whatever was needed to help his team. Bob would be proud.

PJ was so much fun he let me video interview him. My visit at Bob Evan’s and meeting PJ was just that boost to regenerate and feel life is good. And so is cheesy cheddar potato soup at Bob’s!

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She is active in the community as a Rotary member, the organizer for Ladies Luv Adventures in Lake Norman, and she hosts a monthly mystery book club called A Good Night for Murder.

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