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Taco Truck

Mexican Cuisine

15906 Old Statesville Rd Huntersville

Phone: (704) 712-1766

Email: juangb76@gmail.com

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Image Courtesy: Taco Truck
Taco Truck – Authentic Mexican Food

I stumbled into Taco Truck when I stopped at the BP in Huntersville. It’s an unassuming spot parked in the front corner of the BP parking lot. This is your typical no-frills taco food truck. You can order tacos, burritos, tortes, and they even had a soup. With your order, you get to pick your meat. They have a pretty wide variety including barbacoa, asada, carnitas, and more. The food itself is very tasty but a little greasy. Overall, the food tastes authentic and flavorful. I tried the more premium burrito, and it was fairly large. This is definitely a burrito you have to eat with a fork and knife! Prices are decent. It’s about $8-$11 depending on what you order. A very important heads up: the Taco Truck only takes cash, so if you only have a credit card you’re out of luck.


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