By Natalie R. Ramos
Local Government Reporter

MOORESVILLE NC: At the second Town Board meeting in April, Mayor Miles Atkins and Town Commissioners reviewed the Police Activities League (P.A.L.) program and held a public hearing on a request for an additional 5 stories above the standard for the proposed Alcove Hotel in Langtree (off I77 exit 31).


P.A.L program reviewed

Chief of Police Damon Williams



Chief of Police Damon Williams opened the review with a slideshow to demonstrate how the P.A.L. program is vital to the Mooresville community. The Youth Engagement Activities program has involved members of the police department and children ranging in age from 12 to 20 years of age, as well as residents from all over Iredell County. The program provides a positive outlet for students by building relationships. These relationships help them to envision a path to becoming productive citizens. The Stepping Enrichment program has given children the opportunity to visit government offices in Raleigh and other local areas.





Tutoring and mentoring program and more

Deputy Police Chief Gerald Childress expressed his opinion of how tremendously beneficial towards the program has been with the following activities:

  • Tutoring and Mentoring program
  • Homework Help for the After School Kids
  • Snacks, crafts,  and structural activities such as basketball games

He stressed that this program is the only avenue for the community’s youth to find productive activities since Liberty Park has been closed for repairs.


Activities that are part of the P.A.L program.

Building confidence

Mooresville High School Principal Eric Schwarzenegger talked about how impressed he was with the way the students were building their confidence as a result of this program. They were learning to create a healthy lifestyle with exercise. Participating in competitions increases student motivation and helps them to have a safe environment.


Young people need to be part of the solution

Program Coordinator Jessica Davidson spoke highly about the cooking and nursing classes offered.  Visiting the Levine Children’s Hospital demonstrates to the students that it’s more than just a program, they can invest in their future. They learn to participate in other community activities at the libraries, parades, and more. She emphasized that our young people needed to be a part of the solution, not the problem.


A parent’s opinion

When speaking with one of the parents, Mrs. Keturah Chambers-Rucker who is a resident and a member of P.A.L., she stated the Step Team is now ranking in 2nd place, up from holding a 5th place title previously. The Step Team is a source of pride for both students, parents, and the community. She came to the meeting to object to the plea for closure of the program.


Public Hearing – Alcove Hotel

Public Hearing Assistant Team Attorney Sharon Crawford explained the rules and regulations to all present. The public could participate as witnesses with facts or concerns to assist the Board with their decision.

Brad R. Howard, Land Development Manager of Langtree, spoke first to explain the advantages to having a 10 story hotel instead of the standard 5 story hotel with 125 rooms.


A Mooresville resident is sworn in to give a statement at the public hearing for the Alcove Hotel.

Many residents disagreed with the proposed change

Residents were angry and many expressed the opinion that they did not want or need a larger hotel. They were concerned about the hotel drawing unnecessary attention, increasing traffic which would affect daily activities, and the possibility of real estate depreciation.


After the Board took a ten minute break

After hearing, the Board declared a ten-minute break. They came back with a decision to vote amongst its 12 present members. The motion was denied to the delight and applause of the audience.




Mooresville Town Board meets the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month at 6pm in the Executive Board Room at Mooresville Town Hall, 413 North Main Street, Mooresville, NC 28115. You can view current/past agendas and video of the board meetings at Agendas and Minutes.





Natalie Ramos


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