CORNELIUS NC: The consolidation/expansion plan for Lake Norman Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM was presented in a community meeting at Cornelius Town Hall last Thursday (Oct 10th). Owners Jack and Robin Salzman would like to consolidate 5 offsite locations into 1 at the currently vacant Waltrip Building, 20310 Chartwell Drive, Cornelius. The Waltrip Building is large enough that it would also provide expansion capability for both commercial and charitable work.


Bob McIntosh from The McIntosh Law Firm presents the plans.


Multi-faceted business model

The plans include a retail space, a prep shop, offices for their charitable work, and an overflow area. Lake Norman Chrysler currently occupies its corporate headquarters and five offsite locations. Carolina Custom Retail, Flowers Flooring/Hwy 21 Overflow, Bailey Road Overflow, Nautilus/Torrence Chapel Overflow and Car Wash/Hwy 21 Overflow would all be consolidated into the Chartwell Center Drive location.


Consolidating 5 Offsite locations into 1 at 20310 Chartwell Center Drive, Cornelius.


Benefits of site consolidation

Traffic is currently impacted by the 150+ trips per day to the offsite averaging approximately 510 miles daily.

  • Traffic will be reduced by 360 miles daily.
  • Reduces 150 vehicles on highway 21 and the diverging diamond overpass daily.
  • Daily vehicle trips can also use Knox Road to further reduce driving in high impact traffic zones.


Additional benefits to the community

“Local businesses have been anxiously awaiting someone to move into the building”

                       —Michael Waltrip


There is a complete visual buffer composed of trees and bushes surrounding the Chartwell Center Drive location. Vehicles will not be visible from the street. Consolidation eliminates vehicle storage visibility on Highway 21. Lake Norman Chrysler will be offering 30 to 40 additional high paying jobs with benefits. Both customers and employees will utilize the local restaurants and shopping venues.


Local community and charity events

“It’s a beautiful building to give us a great opportunity to expand. It will also give Robin a place to expand her charitable work.”

                     —Jack Salzman, Owner


Jack and Robin Salzman are tremendous supporters of a large number of local charities. They plan to dedicate 10,000 sq. ft. of the new location to provide community and meeting space for charitable organizations.

“The building is my baby. I am so thankful that Jack and Robin are taking it over. They are people I respect tremendously.”

                    —Michael Waltrip


What’s next?

Read the plans and see the time table.

First public hearing – October 21st

To be held during the Cornelius Town Board meeting at Town Hall. This date is your opportunity to voice your support for this project. Mayor Washam and the Town Commissioners will listen to questions, comments or concerns. No decision will be made at this time.


Planning Board meeting – Tuesday, November 12th

This date is tentative, please check the calendar of events to confirm date and time. Planning Board meetings are held at Cornelius Town Hall and are open to the public.


Second public hearing – Monday, December 2nd

Also held during the Cornelius Town Board meeting. This date is your second opportunity to voice your support, questions, comments, or concerns about this project. The Board can decide at this time to close the public hearings, deliberate, and vote; or they can decide to continue the public hearings.




From left to right: Larry Shaheen, Jr., Bob McIntosh, Robin and Jack Salzman, Michael Waltrip, and Shelley Johnson.