HUNTERSVILLE NC: Earlier this week, a public hearing on a petition to rezone Birkdale Golf Club and the surrounding area, was held during the Huntersville Town Board meeting and ultimately continued to March 18th.

Proposed development at Birkdale Golf Club

Birkdale Real Estate Investors, LLC, represented by Attorney Susan K. Irvin from Irvin Law Group, would like to renovate the existing golf club and convert the driving range into a commercial/residential area similar to the existing Birkdale, with the addition of a hotel which would be higher than existing zoning, but no higher than 6 floors. They would add a 1600 ft. greenway at the back of the property that is 10 ft. wide and separated by a planting strip from the street. The greenway is intended to connect with the existing greenway in Birkdale.


“I think the project as proposed is a tremendous asset. There will need to be a tunnel or a bridge to get across the six lanes [Sam Furr Rd/NC 73].”

—Bob Crowley, Birkdale resident


During the public comment period citizens voiced their concerns; with crossing Sam Furr Rd. from the existing greenway to the new greenway being paramount. It was determined that the crossing is a part of the North Carolina Department of Transportation’s (NCDOT) project to widen NC 73. NCDOT is responsible for choosing the best method to cross the highway and it is likely to be a tunnel. The project is awaiting the traffic impact analysis from NCDOT, and a motion was passed to keep the public hearing on this petition open until the next board meeting on March 18th.


Photo of Text amendment to allow Par 3 golf courses and driving ranges in rural zoning.

Text amendment to allow Par 3 golf courses and driving ranges in rural zoning.


A few of the other items on the agenda were:

  1. Petition #TA18-11, a request by Bank of America to increase the amount of attached single-family and multi-family housing developments allowed in a corporate business development of 400 acres or more was deferred until the April 1st board meeting.
  2. Petition #TA19-01, a request to by the Huntersville Planning Department to consider a text amendment to the zoning ordinance to allow Par 3 golf courses and golf driving ranges in the rural zoning district with the issuance of a special use permit was approved.
  3. The hearing for special use permit #SUP19-01 submitted by the property owners of 16715 and 16401 Davidson-Concord Rd. was opened and deferred until the April 1st board meeting.

You can view the full meeting on the Town of Huntersville’s Facebook page. 


Huntersville Town Board meets the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month at 6pm in the Huntersville Town Hall, 101 Huntersville-Concord Road, Huntersville, NC 28078