Autumn is here

Now that the weather is cooler, a visit to Lake Norman State Park is a treat. There are hiking trails and biking trails — all with lovely vistas.


Native wildflowers are blooming



As I walked the Alder Trail in the park, I saw several small apparently native wildflowers. That was until I came upon this outrageously colored flowering bush. After I returned home, I looked up its name and found several names for it: Strawberry bush and Hearts-a-Bursting are two of its most common names. Euonymus americanus is its scientific name. Whatever you decide to call it, it was breathtaking to behold. I hope you get a chance to get out to the park to see it.




I hope you find the video below relaxing.

I will be traveling to our parks and greenways to record peaceful moments. If you have a favorite peaceful place where you can record 30 to 90 seconds of video, email it to me at and I’ll publish the best and most relaxing in this column.


Lake Norman State Park, Troutman, NC



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