I love Coconut Milk and Curry. Off we went.

Location: 10110 Northcross Center Ct. #170, Huntersville, NC 28078

Ellen Stafford, past  Managing Editor for LKNConnect, took me to another Birthday Dinner Celebration. This is the Birthday that keeps on Giving!

Dining at Thai Imperial
Dining at Thai Emerald

I grew up on Curry dishes and love Coconut milk. Thai food is my very favorite dinner of all foods. I have been going to Thai Emerald ever since they opened. The service is great, food delicious and price is perpect! For lunch I love their hot green tea and at dinner a glass of cabernet Sauvigon hits the spot.

My favorite is the Green coconut curry with Tofu or Chicken. Their fancy name for it is:
Green “gang keow wan”. The dishes come with white rice.

Ellen who loves Thai food about as much as I do, ordered the Yellow “gang graree” with Chicken. Then we started thinking we were missing some thing- Spring Rolls! We asked to hold the main order and start with the Crispy Spring Rolls with Chicken.

The Secret is in the SAUCE!
In our minds — no Thai Meal is good without the Spring Rolls first. They were hot crispy and delicious.

It is clean, the service is great and the food was delicious. We even took some home for lunch the next day.

For many of us that diddn’t get out much during the past few years, try to support our local restaurants at least once a week. We all have gone through major changes and have felt it in one way or another. Getting back out with a great dinner or lunch will make a difference in your day and attitude. It even felt good putting on some sparkly clothes.

Photos by Margi Kyle
Photo courtesy of Deborah Young Studio

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