Restaurant Review: A Special Birthday Celebration at Peninsula Prime Seafood & Steak House!

Location: 19918 North Cove Road, Cornelius

Phone: (704) 655-2727

As we were being seated in the private dining room, we were greeted with a personalized menu wishing me a Happy Birthday. What a nice personal touch!

Personal Attention
My First Selfie to make sure I looked alright for my Big Night. Thanks Marlene Billesdon for sharing my Birthday for so many years. We have the same date- May 25!

If you are looking for a personalized dinning experience, top team planner, Linda Galdieri, Chief Operating Officer has done an outstanding job of putting together one of the best dining experiences I have had in a long time. Her 30 years of experience has helped create The Cambridge Hospitality Group. What a difference it makes in the quality of service, food selections and entertainment.

Linda Galdieri, Chief Operating Officer

We were then greeted by our server Shannon Povlich with a complementry Cambriged Oysters/Lobster stuffed in a shell parid with Yukon pototo salad. Delicious!

Shannon Povlich Exceptional Service!
Cambridge Oysters- Delicious!

Such a Nice Touch to be Greated by Terrific Service, and Tasty Starter!

While Peninsula Prime has the perfect package of space, service and surroundings — They also have the perfect Chef. Executive Chef, Bryan Naylor, a native New Yorker. He started his career at age 12 as a Busboy and graduated from Culinary Arts College, in New York. Between the eight of us at the Restaurant for dinner, our starters, included muscles, steaks and seafood. All plates were clean when we left and no one went home hungry. Truly a great dining experience .

No  Restaurant will be successful without a Top Chef- Bryan Naylor is just that!
5 Delicious Shrimp
Dinner for me was done with The Prime Wedge with Bacon, Blue Cheese on Baby Iceberg.
Photos by Margi Kyle
Photo courtesy of Deborah Young Studio

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